Aarau vs Grasshoppers Prediction |30/07/2020| Challenge League

The reviews to the football  Aarau vs Grasshoppers prediction in Switzerland Challenge League about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

 Aarau vs Grasshoppers Prediction


  • Match date: 6:30 pm on Thursday 30th July 2020
  • Event: Challenge League
  • Stage: Matchday 35th
  • Location: Stadion Brügglifeld


 Aarau vs Grasshoppers Prediction

Aarau vs Grasshoppers Prediction recommendation:

Both Aarau and Grasshoppers both had to fail in the 34th round and cause both to end their other big goals when the season was only two rounds. Although no longer motivated to play, they are convinced that they will still create a fiery match in the penultimate round to send the final scores to the fans.

Asian Handicap  Aarau vs Grasshoppers Prediction: 

  • Grasshoppers are still a team that is more appreciated than Aarau in this match. In general, the home team is playing quite not so stable will be a favorable opportunity for the guests to return to their own form. Aarau will need to improve a lot of it is to have a breakthrough in the last two rounds of the season when the defense play is quite superficial and the offensive play is relatively disappointing, bringing too many disadvantages for a surname. An advantage for Grasshoppers especially when in the home team there are still factors that always know how to shine.
  • In addition, Grasshoppers’ ability to play on the strange surface is also quite good with only 5 defeats in 12 trips away from the previous home. The number will be a challenge for the host if knowing that Aarau can only win 3 of the 12 matches played at his home in the past. The advantage of class and the uniform staff will help Grasshoppers play actively in front of Aarau and will probably get 3 points for themselves.

The best  Aarau vs Grasshoppers Prediction: Grasshoppers – 1 / 2

O/U Odds  Aarau vs Grasshoppers Prediction: 

  • The failure of Wil 1900 caused Grasshoppers to end his string of leaps and bounds, and the team no longer had the opportunity to compete for the infinite position with only 60 points 34 rounds, 7 points behind Lausanne and the season are only 2 rounds, Uli Fontr’s army is in the 3rd place on the table. In general, everything is still considered quite successful, and Grasshoppers will surely try to find joy in the next two rounds to thank the fans and also finish the season with the 3rd place.
  • Meanwhile, with Aarau, the home team is facing a relatively difficult situation when only 9 wins from the beginning of the season are gradually making them slow down, only 37 points after 34 matches. Having played can only help Aarau soaked in smell ranked 8th in the rankings. Having to host a Grasshoppers at home will be the next tough challenge for the home team in terms of ability and rankings, Grasshoppers is still the more appreciated team. It will be a competition with the relative tug of war and the ability to explode Over is quite high.

Best  Aarau vs Grasshoppers Prediction:   

  • Under 1 (H1)
  • OVER 2.5 (Fulltime)

European Odds Prediction: 

  • European odds are also a small advantage for the home team Grasshoppers before Aarau in this match. It will be a match with a relatively tense position when both teams will be willing to play fair with each other in search of results that are beneficial to them. And with certain advantages, Grasshoppers will most likely be the last team to have fun.
  • Grasshoppers Full-time to win  

Grasshoppers defeated Aarau with a 5-0 difference in the first leg. Overall the advantage is still in the visitors’ hands and they will need to fully exploit that in this rematch. Aarau is clearly not doing so well and taking advantage of the opportunity will help Grasshoppers get what they need.

Predict the match score:

  • H1 Aarau 0-1 Grasshoppers
  • H2 Aarau 1-2 Grasshoppers