AC Kajaani vs AC Oulu Prediction | 2020/08/05| Ykkonen

The reviews to the football AC Kajaani vs AC Oulu prediction in Finland Ykkonen about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

AC Kajaani vs AC Oulu Prediction


  • Match date: 3:30pm on Wednesday 5th August 2020
  • Event: Ykkonen
  • Stage: Matchday 7th
  • Location: Kajaanin Liikuntapuisto


AC Kajaani vs AC Oulu Prediction

AC Kajaani vs AC Oulu Prediction recommendation:

H1 AC Kajaani vs AC Oulu Prediction: 

  • AC Kajaani’s 6th match back home to host the away team was AC Oulu. Currently, the home team has 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses, scoring 5 points ranked 9th in the rankings.
  • And the visitors now play very class, after the last 5 matches at them they won all 5 wins scored 15 points currently at the top of the rankings. With the visitors on the team judging quite weak compared to me, we believe the away team will win in the first half.
  • Losing to Ekenas IF Fotboll with a score of 0-2 in round 9 NHA, AC Kajaani had the 3rd match in a row without knowing the smell of victory, although still able to keep the distance of 2 points with a team of 6 leading, but that was Arvo Toivainen’s coach need to do right now to improve their performance as well as earn important points before the situation gets worse. However, it seems that this will be difficult to come true as they will have to host the first team – AC Oulu in Round 7 of the Finnish 2nd Division.

The best AC Kajaani vs AC Oulu Prediction:  

  • First half score: AC Kajaani 0-1 AC Oulu
  •  Asian Handicap 1: AC Oulu -0.25

H2 AC Kajaani vs AC Oulu Prediction: 

  • The home team’s form is not going well. Specifically, in the last 10 matches, they won 3 wins, drew 3 matches and lost 4 matches. Their attack is also not appreciated in this tournament, after the opening 5 games of the season, they only won 6 goals, the defense is not sure when they lose up to 7 goals. Meeting AC Oulu at the top of the table is a challenge for the home team.
  • The form of the visitors is very good. In 5 matches in the tournament, they won all 5 matches, giving them 7 goals plus a very solid defense when losing only 1 goal. More specifically, after the last 10 matches, they won 7 wins, drew 2 matches and lost 1 match. Their remarkable achievement, 3 points is easy for them in the next round with the home team AC Kajaani.

Best  AC Kajaani vs AC Oulu Prediction:  

  • 2nd half goals: AC Kajaani 1-3 AC Oulu  
  • Asian Handicap 2nd half : Oulu -0.5
  • O/U 2nd half : Over 2.75

1×2 Prediction

  • AC Oulu is in very good shape with a series of 5 consecutive wins recently, the possibility that they will get the 6th victory is the greatest when they only have to be the guest of an AC Kajaani who is playing in the decline. .
  • AC Oulu  to win  FT

The last 3/5 matches between the two teams have won in favor of AC Oulu, the ability of the visitors to do the same in the upcoming match is not too surprising especially when they are in possession of the Indian style statues at the present time.

Predict the match score

  • H1 AC Kajaani 0-1 AC Oulu
  • AC Kajaani 1-3 AC Oulu Full Time