America Mineiro vs Cuiaba Prediction – Série A – 06/17

America Mineiro vs Cuiaba prediction on June 17, 2021. With a start that could not be worse, America MG is being underestimated in this round when it welcomes Cuiaba at its home ground. Specifically, after the past 3 rounds, America did not get a single point when they lost all 3 matches and they could not score a goal after a total of 270 minutes.

America Mineiro Overview

America Mineiro is playing extremely poorly and showing the weak face of a rookie team, this team has only been promoted this season. The host did not perform well when they lost all of the first 3 rounds in Serie A and did not score a single goal. With that weak record, it is not surprising that they are still standing at the bottom of the rankings at this time. In the next round, the opponent is also another rookie, but the host played quite badly, so it was difficult for them to win.

Cuiaba Overview

Cuiaba is also just a rookie of the tournament, they and America Mineiro are the two teams that were promoted last season. Through the first 2 matches, Cuiaba also did not have a win with 1 draw and 1 loss. With only 1 point, they are still in the bottom group at the moment. The next match is not too strong, so the away team will be determined to get all the first 3 points this season.


America Mineiro vs Cuiaba Prediction

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America Mineiro vs Cuiaba Prediction

Asian Bet – America Mineiro vs Cuiaba prediction

With both teams not having won in the previous series, experts say that neither team has had the boost to boost morale. Therefore, it is very likely that the first half of today’s match will end with a goalless draw. And after 90 minutes of official play, America Mineiro will have to share points with opponent Cuiaba. Thus, in this Asian bet match, the safest option for fans will be to choose the away team Cuiaba. Because in both the first half and the whole match, they all receive a very favorable handicap from the house.

America Mineiro vs Cuiaba Prediction

  • Choose Cuiaba (HT)
  • Choose Cuiaba (FT)

European Bet

America Mineiro vs Cuiaba Prediction

The European odds offered by the house are corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. Having a bad form, America is judged as unable to win and the home team’s task is to keep their first point in the new season. Thus, the safest investment option for 1×2 rafters will be the option on the Draw result.

Choose Draw (FT)

Over/Under Bet – America Mineiro vs Cuiaba prediction

As noted by experts about the incompetence of the two teams, it is very likely that today’s match will be scarce. Moreover, in the last 3 encounters of the two, all 3 matches only ended with a maximum of 2 goals. In which, 2/3 of the matches mentioned above had the first half ended without any goals being scored. Even, in the last 7 matches of America Minero, there were 6 matches that ended with Under.

America Mineiro vs Cuiaba Prediction:

  • Choose Under (HT)
  • Choose Under (FT)


America Mineiro: Anderson, Ricardo Silva, Matheus Cavichioli, Diego Ferreira, Eduardo Bauermann, Ze Ricardo, Juninho, Ademir, Ale, Azevedo, Rodolfo.

Cuiaba: Anderson Conceição, Uendel, Auremir, Élton, Walter, Lucas Ramon, Marllon, Rafael Gava, Guilherme Pato, Elvis, Jonathan Cafú.