America Mineiro vs Internacional Prediction – Série A – 06/27

America Mineiro vs Internacional prediction on June 27, 2021. America Mineiro is playing at home in the next round of Serie A 2021, their goal is to improve their performance and gain points to be able to rise. The overall goal is feasible even though América Mineiro has to host Internacional.

America Mineiro Overview

America Mineiro vs Internacional Prediction

America Mineiro immediately showed the weakness of one of the candidates for the relegation ticket right from when Serie A 2021 officially started. In their hands at the moment is a series of 9 consecutive matches without knowing the smell of victory in all competitions. In Serie A, America Mineiro also only got 1 point after 5 matches played with 1 draw and 4 defeats. America Mineiro’s strikers are in poor form, so although the defense does not concede many goals, they rarely find good results.

Internacional Overview

America Mineiro vs Internacional Prediction

Internacional also has not shown the position of a top candidate in the highest playing field in Brazil. Because after 5 matches played, this team also brought home only 1 victory against the not too strong opponent Bahia, the rest were 2 draws with 2 defeats. That achievement is putting Internacional in a rather modest 13th position on the Serie A 2021 rankings. Internacional also has a relatively low goal-scoring performance at this time.


Past Encounters

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – America Mineiro vs Internacional prediction

Contrary to America Mineiro, Internacional’s recent away form is very good. Invincible in the last 4/5 trips away from home, coach Ángel Ramírez’s men even won 3 victories. Still, in possession of a more uniform and quality lineup of players, the Beira-Rio home team will know how to beat their opponents to soon rise to the top half of the table. With Edenilson still in high form with 3 goals, Mineiro will have a hard time fending off the visitors’ attacks.

America Mineiro vs Internacional Prediction

  • Choose Internacional (HT)
  • Choose Internacional (FT)

European Bet

America Mineiro vs Internacional Prediction

The last three confrontations between America Mineiro and Internacional all ended with less than 3 goals scored. Quite surprising when the last 6/7 matches between these two clubs, the score did not differ by more than 1 goal. Therefore, it will not be easy for Internacional to have a big victory.

Choose Internacional  (FT)

Over/Under Bet – America Mineiro vs Internacional prediction

Not only is the team with the worst attack in the tournament, but it is also hard to believe that Mineiro has only 1 goal after the first 5 rounds. In the last 10 matches, the home team at Raimundo Sampaio Stadium has 7 times unable to score any 1 goal. Obviously, Mineiro’s quality of expertise, as well as attack, is much lower than the common ground of Serie A. Against Internacional, Mineiro will definitely have to play defensively from the beginning.

America Mineiro vs Internacional Prediction:

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America Mineiro: Diego Ferreira, Juninho Valoura, Matheus Cavichioli, João Paulo, Eduardo Bauermann, Anderson, Gustavinho, Alê, Juninho, Ademir, Bruno Nazar

Internacional: Brito; Cardoso, Edenilson, Patrick; Da Fonseca, Otavio, Cuesta, Borges; Taison, Alberto, Galhardo.