Angers vs Montpellier Prediction – Ligue I – 04/04/2021

Angers vs Montpellier prediction on April 04, 2021. Angers vs Montpellier will have a meeting in the 31st round of the French National Championship. The away team is in the extremely high form before this march, they prepare for this match with 5 consecutive unbeaten matches. Can Angers with home advantage stop the away team?

Angers Overview

Angers are also considered the real team of the Ligue I. However, at this point, the club played not really impressive. In the previous round, the new Angers let Stade Brestois hold a goalless draw. So after the last 6 matches in the French National Championship, the home team has only 1 victory, the rest are draw and lose. Obviously, Angers’s form deserves to be underestimated at this point.

At the end of the 30th round in the Ligue I, Angers got 11 victories but also lost 12 matches. The home team currently has 40 points and is ranked 10th on the rankings. Angers’ advantage in this match is that they will be playing at home. However, the encounter with Montpellier was also not an easy challenge. By 10 times against Montpellier, Angers also won only 3 and lost 4 matches.

Montpellier Overview

Montpellier is considered a team in the group that competes with a European c2 cup. After more than half of a disappointing season, the club played well in the last rounds. Montpellier just got a 3-1 victory over Bordeaux. The team spirit is very excited. So after the last 6 rounds in the French National Championship, the visitors are unbeaten with 3 wins. They are still showing a very high level of performance.

Montpellier, after 30 matches in Ligue I this season, currently has 12 wins and 8 draws. The away team has 44 points, ranking 8th on the standings. They are only 1 point behind TOP 6 and have many opportunities to compete with the European Cup group. Montpellier in the high form will definitely play with the highest determination.

Asian Bet – Angers vs Montpellier prediction

Montpellier is in very good form, they won 3 draws 2 and did not lose any match in the last 5 matches. A solid play in defense creates peace of mind for Montpellier when playing so marching away is not a big problem for them. While their sharp attack can punish an opponent’s mistakes at any time. Predictably, Montpellier will spend a minimal win in this match.

Angers vs Montpellier prediction: Choose Montpellier

European Bet

The home team did not show stability once on the field, but with Montpellier, they were a team that was highly appreciated, Montpellier showed his strength with a very good position in the standings.

The position of the two teams is also enough to show this difference, although Angers have the advantage at home, with not too good attack, it is difficult for them to penetrate Montpellier’s defense. At the same time, the away team is always appreciated for fastball situations and they have been very good in the past.

Choose Montpellier (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Angers vs Montpellier prediction

The two teams simultaneously pursued a defensive playstyle, so this will be a sure game that the two teams create. Although Montpellier was rated better, they never had an overwhelming victory over the home team.

Angers vs Montpellier prediction: Choose Under 2.25