Ankaragucu vs Gaziantep FK Prediction – Super League – 04/30

Ankaragucu vs Gaziantep FK prediction on April 30, 2021. Ankaragucu received Gaziantep FK in round 36 in the context that both were very thirsty. 1 win will help the away team keeps hoping to attend the European Cup while Ankaragucu has exactly 1 point more than the group holding the red light. This promises to be a dramatic match because the season only has 6 final rounds.

Ankaragucu Overview

Ankaragucu vs Gaziantep FK Prediction

MKE Ankaragücü has made impressive strides in the second leg of the season this year, having won a lot of good results to continuously advance on the standings. Although the recent performance is gradually getting a lot of draws instead of victories as before, the important thing is that MKE Ankaragücü has not lost too much and is at a disadvantage in the relegation race. Even with the current progress, the possibility of MKE Ankaragücü fulfilling its goal of staying with Süper Lig soon is relatively high.

Gaziantep FK Overview

Ankaragucu vs Gaziantep FK Prediction

Gaziantep FK performed extremely well and suddenly emerged as a candidate for a ranking dispute in the first leg. However, the limitation in strength and immaturity of the experience factor makes Gaziantep FK unable to maintain their high performance for a long time. Therefore, Gaziantep FK is gradually showing fatigue as the season goes on to the final stage, which is clearly demonstrated that they can only win 1 point after the last 4 rounds.


Past Encounters

Ankaragucu vs Gaziantep FK Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Ankaragucu vs Gaziantep FK prediction

Ankaragucu’s home-field performance deserves credit, winning the last 4/5 matches in which their victims include Galatasaray. The other side of Gaziantep has only got 1 point in the last 4 rounds, alarming when looking at the number 11 goals lost. This is the moment when the away team is extremely unstable, it is also an opportunity for Ankaragucu.

Gaziantep’s rankings this season are quite impressive, but in their current situation, they are at a disadvantage in all aspects. Especially when Ankaragucu has confidence at home, the ability of Pinto teachers and students to leave empty-handed is very clear.

Ankaragucu vs Gaziantep FK Prediction: Choose Ankaragucu -0.25

European Bet

Ankaragucu vs Gaziantep FK Prediction

The European bet shows that the house highly appreciates the homeowner wins. Ankaragucu holds too many advantages to miss the chance to win all 3 points. Gaziantep is on a decline and has a weak mentality when he is away from home without many opportunities.

Choose Ankaragucu (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Ankaragucu vs Gaziantep FK prediction

Both are aiming to win, but the defense is uncertain, the attack is predictable. In fact, 7 times to meet each other in the past, this pair has 2 or more goals, in which 4 matches have no less than 3 goals. The statistics of Gaziantep’s last 4 matches all have financial results, the home side is 3/4 matches.

Ankaragucu vs Gaziantep FK Prediction: Choose Over 2.5


Ankaragucu: K. Celikay, C. Karayel, A. Kubalas, A. Kulusic, M. Pazdan, T. Pinto, H. Canteros, S. Agcay, R.Faty, S. Kitsiou, I. Parlak.

Gaziantep FK: G. Guvenc, I. Junior, A. Tosca, J. Biyik, P. Djilobodji, O. Ceylan, A. Maxim, A. Sousa, G. Vural, O. Kayode, K. Ozer.