Anorthosis vs Rapid Vienna Prediction – Europa League – 08/12

Anorthosis vs Rapid Vienna prediction on August 12, 2021. Rapid Vienna will have a trip to the stadium of Anorthosis players within the framework of the UEFA Europa League. A fairly easy match and seen as an opportunity for the away team to continue getting another victory to end the confrontation with 2 complete victories in both the first leg and the return leg. Looking forward to the sublime performance of the Rapid Vienna players in the middle of this week.

Anorthosis Overview

Anorthosis vs Rapid Vienna Prediction

Anorthosis is a team that is not overrated in this tournament and the fact that they have to receive a defeat so blatantly at home in the first leg proves this statement. Statistics show that Anorthosis only got 1 win and had to receive 4 defeats in the last 5 matches. The poor performance and making too many mistakes in the way the gameplay is implemented. The home team encountered many difficulties in the welcome midweek this week.

Rapid Vienna Overview

Rapid Vienna is the opposite when it has achieved an extremely sublime performance at home in the first leg match with 3 goals difference. Statistics show that Rapid Vienna has just found 2 wins and 1 draw. After having to receive 2 previous defeats in the last 5 matches, getting the sublimation back in form is helping the team’s players. Guests have very high confidence in the upcoming trip away from home.

Past Encounters

Anorthosis vs Rapid Vienna Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Anorthosis vs Rapid Vienna prediction

Anorthosis is considered to have nothing to lose when the gap is now too big so this is probably a match where they are trying their best to find flaws in tactics as well as people. 

Thereby helping the team improve their level and practice their ability to enter their new season. However, Rapid Vienna still stands out as a pretty strong team, although the performance is not too good. Possessing a group of quality and class young players, they believe that they will still win in this match.

Anorthosis vs Rapid Vienna Prediction: Choose Rapid Vienna 0.5

European Bet

Anorthosis vs Rapid Vienna Prediction

Obviously, the difference between Anorthosis and Rapid Vienna are still very large. Rapid Vienna is famous for producing quality players. Therefore, it is difficult for the home team to do anything unexpected. Experts say that the probability of Anorthosis’s victory is very low and seems impossible.

Choose Rapid Vienna (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Anorthosis vs Rapid Vienna prediction

This is a tournament for teams so that teams in different countries can rub and improve in their play. Maybe Anorthosis will put a greater focus on when they want to express themselves as well as improve the experience. However, with the away team, this tournament is probably the one that they put a lot of emphasis on because they have had quite good records for many years.

Anorthosis vs Rapid Vienna Prediction: Choose Over 2.75


Anorthosis: Loria, Husbauer, Ioannou, Antoniades, Chrysostomou, Correia, Deletic, Hambardzumyan, Korrea, Lafferty, Rousias.

Rapid Vienna: Strebinger, Schick, Stojkovic, Arase, Fountas, Hofmann, Kara, Knasmullner, Petrovic, Ullmann, Wimmer