Arsenal vs Tottenham Prediction – English Premier League

Arsenal vs Tottenham prediction on March 12, 2021. The focus of football this week will be the match between Arsenal and Tottenham in the 29th round of the Premier League. Both promise to bring an explosive game with many attractive attacks.

Both Gunners and Rooster are having quite a long record with the Top 4 Premier League tournaments this year. The erratic performance makes Arsenal often lose points and cannot improve their rankings. It is likely that the team will have to face many difficulties before the Tottenham away team this time.

Arsenal Overview

Arsenal vs Tottenham Prediction

Arsenal does not seem to have many opportunities to compete for the top 4 positions in the Premier League this year when the gap has reached 12 points. Although there are many big stars in the team such as Aubameyang, Lacazette, PEPE … this is not enough for the Gunners to improve their playing ability when playing.

The erratic form of the game and the constantly weak players made Arsenal often lose points in front of their opponents. This makes players with football betting experience not appreciate the home team’s ability to win this time.

Tottenham Overview

Arsenal vs Tottenham Prediction

On the other side of the front line, Tottenham is regaining a sublimation series with 3 consecutive wins at the Premier League playground. The positive change in gameplay and the brightest elements in the team such as Kane, Bale, Son Heung Min, L. Moura, and B. Alli … are helping Rooster get closer to the next European Cup team.

At the moment, Tottenham is only 5 points behind Top 4 and plays less than one game, the chances for Rooster are many. Therefore, coach and coach Jose Mourinho will surely save scores in the next matches and do not hesitate to launch the strongest team to face Arsenal this time.

Asian Bet – Arsenal vs Tottenham prediction

Considering the last 5 openings with the presence of Arsenal, players believe that this team has received their deserved rewards. Specifically, they have won 4 matches and only 1 time to lose the matchup. However, in which they have 2 wins and half of the match. This makes their performance worse than Rooster even though they have the same 4 wins when Spurs have won enough in all 4 matches. Arsenal is certainly eager to repay the loan borrowed in the first leg, and at the same time has a home advantage, this is the basis for players to confidently bet on The Gunners.

Arsenal vs Tottenham prediction: Choose Arsenal

European Bet – Arsenal vs Tottenham prediction

Arsenal vs Tottenham Prediction

In the last 5 encounters between Arsenal and Tottenham, the away team’s fans are the ones who enjoy more. Their team is unbeaten against the neighbors, including 3 wins. Although Arsenal proved inferior, with the advantage of Emirates’ home field, the Gunners have the right to confidently achieve a beneficial result. History shows that, since November 2010, the Spurs have never tasted victory as an away team against Arsenal in the Premier League.

Arsenal vs Tottenham prediction: Choose Arsenal

Over/Under Bet

In the previous 5 rounds, Arsenal strikers had 10 goals, averaging 2 goals/game. Meanwhile, 6 is the number of goals lost that the home team has to receive. Also during this time, Tottenham had 15 goals, equivalent to 3 goals/game. In defense, this team has only one time to concede. The London derby matches often take place with an attractive stance, and with both teams with public goods coming into the fray recently, Over will be a reasonable choice for players.

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