Atletico Clube Goianiense vs Ceara Prediction | Brasileiro Serie A

The match review to the football Atletico Clube Goianiense vs Ceara prediction in Brasileiro Serie A about the competing teams’ current performances and their current matches, the detailed stats of the qualities, upcoming match H2H matches, goal stats, table standings ranking, and possible match results. The Atletico Clube Goianiense vs Ceara prediction should all be considered to put down an effective wager on this match.

Atletico Clube Goianiense vs Ceara prediction


  • Match date: Monday 31st August 2020
  • Event: Brasileiro Serie A
  • Stage: Matchday 6th
  • Location: Serra Dourada



  • 08/23/2020 – Goias 2 – 0 Atletico Clube Goianiense (H1: 1 – 0)
  • 08/20/2020 – Internacional RS 3 – 0 Atletico Clube Goianiense (H1: 0 – 0)
  • 08/17/2020 – Atletico Clube Goianiense 1 – 1 Sport Club Recife PE (H1: 1 – 0)


  • 08/24/2020 – Ceara 2 – 0 Bahia (H1: 1 – 0)
  • 08/21/2020 – Ceara 0 – 3 Vasco da Gama (H1: 0 – 0)
  • 08/16/2020 – Atletico Mineiro 2 – 0 Ceara (H1: 0 – 0)

HEAD-to-HEAD (H2H): 

  • 07/30/2016 – Atletico Clube Goianiense 2 – 2 Ceara (H1: 2 – 1)
  • 05/25/2016 – Ceara 0 – 1 Atletico Clube Goianiense (H1: 0 – 0)
  • 08/30/2015 – Atletico Clube Goianiense 3 – 2 Ceara (H1: 1 – 1)


Atletico Clube Goianiense vs Ceara prediction



  • Although only a rookie newly promoted from the second division this season, the Atletico Clube Goianiense players surprised in their first match when they destroyed defending champion Flamengo with a 3-goal gap without knocking in the game. continue to defeat this opponent at home. It was also the 11th consecutive match that they were unbeaten in all fronts when there were 7 wins and 3 draws before. 
  • However, 3 rounds later, Mancini’s army was no longer able to maintain their performance when they only got 1 point, even lost to both recent rounds, in which they just lost 0-2 against Goias, the team is underestimated when they only have 4 points after 4 matches.


  • Currently, even the achievements of Ceara players are worse than this opponent when they only get 4 points but have kicked 5 matches, of which there are only 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses, the only victory was against Esporte Clube Bahia with a score of 2-0 at home in the previous round. In addition, they also had a 4-3 victory over Vitoria Salvador BA in a national cup match four days ago, so remember this is just a team that is playing in the second division. 
  • Guto Ferreira’s recent victory is quite good when they won the last 7/9 matches, but most of those wins were against lower-ranked teams, and the remaining 2 games lost to 2 opponents playing in this arena.

Currently, although the performance is slightly worse than the opponent, in return, Ceara is getting better form when winning the last 2 matches, which helps them get excited on this trip. In addition, it is clear that the visitors’ experience in this arena is better than Atletico Clube Goianiense, the new team that has been promoted this season and has been having a lot of performance difficulties recently. 

So, the Atletico Clube Goianiense vs Ceara prediction believes that this will be a game that is expected to be very difficult for this rookie and failure is completely happening with the Mancini coach team.

Atletico Clube Goianiense vs Ceara prediction: Atletico Clube Goianiense 0 – 2 Ceara (H1: 0 – 1)


  • Atletico Clube Goianiense: Jean Paulo Fernandes Filho, Eder Ferreira Graminho, Gilvan Souza Correa, Luis Eduardo Marques Dos Santos, Nicolas Vichiatto Da Silva, Edson Felipe da Cruz, Everton Felipe de Oliveira Silva, Marlon Rodrigues de Freitas, Gustavo Henrique Ferrareis, Jorge Moura Xavier, Hyuri Henrique de Oliveira Costa 
  • Ceara:  Fernando Buttenbender Prass, Luiz Otavio Anacleto Leandro, Gabriel Santos Cordeiro Lacerda, Bruno de Jesus Pacheco, Samuel Xavier Brito, William Oliveira dos Santos, Leandro Carvalho, Charles Rigon Matos, Fernando Sobral, Vinicius Goes Barbosa de Souza, Cleber Bomfim de Jesus