Bahrain vs Hong Kong Prediction – World Cup 2022 – 06/15

Bahrain vs Hong Kong prediction on June 15, 2021. After an unfortunate defeat to Iran in the last series, Bahrain was completely hopeless to compete for the next ticket. Because currently, with only 3rd place in the rankings and 3 points worse than Iran, Bahrain in terms of sub-indexes is completely inferior to the opponent in both goal difference and confrontation history.

Bahrain Overview

Bahrain had almost no chance to compete for 2nd place with Iran because of the recent loss to the opponent, moreover, it was about 3 points and the sub-par difference was very far away, so there was no chance with Bahrain at this time. this. They have also definitely got 3rd place for themselves now. The last round doesn’t mean much, but against a much weaker opponent, the host’s chance to win is very much.

Hong Kong Overview

Although Hong Kong played very hard, they suddenly played a rather resilient match when they clashed with the top team of Iraq. But also could not get any more points for themselves because of a 1-0 defeat against the opponent. Obviously, in this group, Hong Kong is an underrated team and this fact reflects this. They only got 5 points after 7 matches and ranked 4th in this group. The opponent’s last match is being rated much higher, so it is difficult for the away team to create a surprise.


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Asian Bet – Bahrain vs Hong Kong prediction

As for Hong Kong, they also no longer have a goal to play, so it is not really necessary to play with the strongest. Therefore, experts predict that the probability is very high, the first half of the match ends with a goalless draw. And after 90 minutes, Bahrain will win with the minimum score – a score that pleases both teams to close the World Cup stage 2 qualifying round. Therefore, in the Asian bet, if nothing changes, choosing Hong Kong in both the first half and the whole match will be a very safe choice.

Bahrain vs Hong Kong Prediction

  • Choose Hong Kong (HT)
  • Choose Hong Kong (FT)

European Bet

The European odds offered by the house are corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. With the quality of the squad somewhat overwhelming the opponent, Bahrain may not play with the strongest squad, but they are still believed to win. Therefore, in 1×2 rafters, the investment option in Bahrain will be the most optimal choice.

Choose Bahrain (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Bahrain vs Hong Kong prediction

Experts all believe that Bahrain will only play with the goal of winning just enough to be able to leave the World Cup playing field with head held high. And it is extremely unlikely that the match has many goals scored. Because with Hong Kong, they are completely inferior to Bahrain, so once the opponent wants to play at an average pace, it will still be difficult for them to change the game. Experts predict that today’s match will be difficult to have more than 3 goals.

Bahrain vs Hong Kong Prediction:

  • Choose Under (HT)
  • Choose Under (FT)


Bahrain: Al-Hardan, Saeed, Al Malood, Abbas, Baqer, Bughammar, Al Hazaa, Al-Hayam, Al-Shaikh, Al-Humaidan, Yusuf.

Hong Kong: Goncalves, Souza, Liang Nuo Heng, Yapp Hung Fai, Shinichi, Fung Hing Wa, Huang Yang, Elliot Wing Kai, Sun Ming Him, Tong Kin Man, Wang-Kit Tsui, Eli.