Barcelona vs Napoli Prediction |2020/08/08| Champion League

The reviews to the football Barcelona vs Napoli prediction in Champion League about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

Barcelona vs Napoli Prediction


  • Match date: 7:00 pm on Saturday 8th August 2020
  • Event: UEFA Champions League
  • Stage: 1/8 finals


Barcelona vs Napoli Prediction


Barcelona Performance

Barcelona officially became the former king at La Liga football match 19-20. In the last 10 rounds, they got themselves 6 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss. With the current achievements, the meeting with Napoli is considered as equal.

Napoli Performance

Meanwhile, Napoli is second in Group E with second place in the table with 12 points. Considering the achievements in the last 10 rounds, the visitors are getting quite good results with 8 unbeaten matches. In particular, they won 6 matches, lost 2 and drew 2 matches.

Barcelona vs Napoli Prediction recommendation:

Asian handicap ratio: 0.83 * 0.5-1 * 1.11

Odds of O/U: 1.07 * 3 * 0.83

European odds: 1.64 * 5.20 * 4.15

O/U Barcelona vs Napoli Prediction: 

  • 1.07 * 3* 0.83
  • The odds of fumbling in Barcelona vs Napoli are given 3 by the sportsbook. This is a relatively high O/U bet. Accordingly, the bet on Over bet with a ratio of 1 to 1.07, while that of Under is 1 to 0.83. The bookmaker is evaluating the likelihood of a low bet appearance when the odds are quite high. However, with the gameplay of the two current teams, the possibility of appearing to be Under is quite high. Especially when Barcelona have home advantage and away goals. Meanwhile, Napoli is not a team that is too explosive. Under the terms of Barcelona vs Napoli, should choose Under at the match between Barcelona and Napoli.

The best Barcelona vs Napoli Prediction:   

  • Under 1 HT
  • Under 3 FT

Asian Handicap Barcelona vs Napoli Prediction: 

  • 0.83 * 0:0.5-1 * 1.03
  • According to Barcelona vs Napoli, Barcelona is definitely the more appreciated team at the moment. Not just because of the quality of the squad and also many other factors. Especially the goal that Barcelona got on Napoli in the first leg. Meanwhile, the march to the Nou Camp will be when Napoli is under a lot of pressure. Almost this team will have to cede control of the match to the opponent. So the house is also evaluating the odds of winning Barca more. The odds for Barcelona to win are 1 to 0.83, while Napoli to win is 1 to 1.11.
  • Asian handicap odds for this match are 0: 0.5-1. Barcelona is the team at the top door and handicaps Napoli to 0.5-1 goal. The player who makes a bet for Barcelona when this team wins by two or more goals. Napoli, meanwhile, bet on just one draw. The odds of Barcelona betting on this match is 1 to 0.83. While Napoli bet on this match, it’s 1 to 1.11. Follow Barcelona vs Napoli, should put the upper door in this match.

Best  Barcelona vs Napoli Prediction:

  • Barcelona +0 HT
  • Barcelona -0.5 FT

1×2 Prediction

  • 1.64 * 5.20 * 4.15
  • Barcelona is definitely more appreciated in this confrontation. Barcelona’s form is also returning in the last matches. Meanwhile under the direction of coach Gattuso, Napoli is still not really stable. In addition, Napoli is also showing more defeat at the encounters with Barcelona. In 5 confrontations in history, Barcelona won 3 matches, Napoli won 1 game. And both teams tie once.
  • In the first match, Barcelona also drew on Napoli field with a score of 1-1. The pressure will be on Napoli when they need victory to move on. This will cause Napoli to play attack against Barcelona. And this is the desired Barcelona game with many advantages.
  • The European odds offered by the sportsbook for this match is 1.64 * 5.20 * 4.15. Corresponds to the result Barcelona win, draw and lose. According to experts from Barcelona vs Napoli, the chances of winning Barcelona are 59%, Napoli is 18%.
  • Barcelona to win  FT

Predict the match score

  • Barcelona 1-0 Napoli : 48%
  • Barcelona 1-1 Napoli : 23%
  • Barcelona 2-0 Napoli : 29%