Bielefeld vs Bremen Prediction – Bundesliga – 03/11/2021

Bielefeld vs Bremen prediction on March 11, 2021. Marching to the field of the weak team Bielefeld, Bremen has a great opportunity to win 3 full points in the next match.

Bielefeld Overview

Bielefeld vs Bremen Prediction

Bielefeld is currently in the red light group area with only 19 points after 23 rounds. Obviously, Bielefeld players will still have to make a lot of effort for the way ahead, but with both thin and weak members, Bielefeld will have many difficulties, in the immediate future, the reception of Bremen is playing better.

The performance in Bielefeld’s recent matches is very bad, the last 6 matches Bielefeld does not know the taste of victory, they have only 2 draws and 4 losses. Besides, in the past 12 home matches, Bielefeld has not won 8 matches. With the weakness of the defense, Bielefeld was always at a disadvantage in the matches and led to poor results.

Bremen Overview

Bielefeld vs Bremen Prediction

Bremen has a relatively positive performance with only losing 1 match in the last 6 rounds (2 wins and 3 draws on the rest). This series of matches contribute to them in a very safe position in the relegation race when the gap with the group holding the red light has been raised to 8 points.

In addition, in the remaining domestic playground, the German Cup, the most recent coach Florian Kohfeldt and his team reached the quarterfinals after defeating the lower-ranked team, Greuther Furth with a score of 2-0. If you keep up with this kind of performance, your chances of having a successful season are clearly very bright for the northwestern team.

Asian Bet – Bielefeld vs Bremen prediction

Arminia Bielefeld is an unlucky choice for players. In the last 6 times a player has placed a bet on Die Arminen, there have been 4 times that they have lost the match, and only 2 times have won. Booking for Werder Bremen also doesn’t show any brighter water. In the 20 opening matches of Die Werderaner, players who rely on Florian Kohfeldt’s teachers and students have a 40% odds of winning, but also have a 35% chance of losing.

  • Choose Werder Bremen 0 (HT)
  • Choose Werder Bremen -1/4 (FT)

European Bet – Bielefeld vs Bremen prediction

Bielefeld vs Bremen Prediction

Since 1996, Bielefeld and Werder Bremen have had 21 encounters in all competitions. The statistics show that the Werder Bremen away team are the ones with better results, having won 10 times, while the number on the Arminia Bielefeld side is only 7. Besides, there are 4 times the 2 teams left with an unbeaten score.

  • Choose Werder Bremen (HT)
  • Choose Werder Bremen (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Bielefeld vs Bremen prediction

Arminia Bielefeld’s recent matches have all exploded. In the last 7 matches of coach Uwe Neuhaus and the team, there have been 5 Over. On the Werder Bremen side, the number of times on Under is overwhelming: the last 5/6 times this team has played in the Bundesliga.

After 21 encounters before each other, the total number of goals scored by the two teams is 76. Average 1 match has 3.52 goals scored. If only the last 5 matches are counted, the corresponding goal setting is 2.6 goals/game. According to Bielefeld vs Bremen prediction experts, it is likely that the upcoming match will be Over.