Blackburn Rover vs Brentford Prediction – English Championship

Blackburn Rover vs Brentford prediction on March 12/2021. In the 36th round of the English Championship, Coach Thomas Frank’s team will have a trip to Blackburn Rovers’s home field – Ewood Park Stadium.

Brentford Overview

Blackburn Rover vs Brentford Prediction

The minimal defeat against Norwich caused Brentford to lose the chance to create an advantage for the race to second place. Not only that, but they were also pushed down to fourth place. But with an unpatched match, the agency is still in their hands.

In the last 34th round of the League Championship, Brentford players had to dry their shirts after a rather unfortunate minimum defeat when they marched to the home ground of direct competitor Norwich City. Blackburn Rover vs Brentford prediction statistics shows that Brentford has not been in stable form when he only won 2 wins but had to receive 4 defeats in the last 6 matches.

Blackburn Rover Overview

Blackburn Rover vs Brentford Prediction

This team has almost no goals to fight with their current position. This can be seen as an opportunity for Brentford to be easier to kick, but what they can do is up to themselves.

In the 35th round of the League Championship, Blackburn Rovers successfully earned 3 points after a separate victory with 2 goals without equalizing when marching to Millwall.

However, the home team is still not expected when Blackburn had only 1 draw before but had to receive 6 defeats remaining after a total of 7 consecutive rounds. Thus, owning a poor quality squad along with the declining spirit makes the home team face many difficulties in the reception this weekend.

Asian Bet – Blackburn Rover vs Brentford prediction

As mentioned, the away team, after a difficult time, has regained their inherent status and won consecutive overwhelming victories over Sheffield United and Stoke City. But it is also regrettable that in the previous round, they had to clash with leading team Norwich City and lost unfortunately with the score of 0-1.

But that was still a lot more positive than the Ewood Park team’s bad. In the last 5 rounds, Blackburn Rovers had only 1 win, lost 3 matches, and drew 1 match. Moreover, the 20-point gap in the current rankings between the two opponents is also undeniable. Therefore, even if they can play at home, the black roses will still be the Underdog in this match.

  • Choose Brentford (HT)
  • Choose Brentford -1/4 (FT)

European Bet – Blackburn Rover vs Brentford prediction


In stark contrast to the huge distance at present, the two sides have proved extremely equal in previous meetings. Typically, right in the past 2020, the 2 teams had a total of 2 encounters. And both matches ended with a 2-2 draw. But that’s just what happened. With their weakness, it is too difficult for the Ewood Park team to stand firm when they have to welcome a too strong Brentford.

  • Choose Brentford (FT)

Over/Under Bet

Immediately after overcoming a severe crisis and regaining his inherent form, Brentford had to face rival Norwich City and lost regrettably to their opponent. However, they are still maintaining their position in the leading group with 63 points. In the next round, Brentford will also have the opportunity to remove antlers as a guest on Blackburn Rovers’s field.

The Ewood Park team is still having a very hard season. After 34 matches played, they only got themselves 43 points and came in 15th place on the standings. As Blackburn Rover vs Brentford prediction, this will be a difficult game for Blackburn Rovers when they have to welcome a completely superior opponent.

  • Choose Over 1 (HT)
  • Choose Over 2 1/2 (FT)