Bologna vs Sampdoria Prediction – Serie A – 03/14/2021

Bologna vs Sampdoria prediction on March 14, 2021. It seems that Italy really only attracts the media thanks to its stars, but the quality in the international arena is still a big question mark as the clubs are not playing well. It is likely that the Juventus champion will also not be able to continue after losing the first leg. Therefore, the war in Serie A will continue to be tense and the ticket to stay is not easy. In the framework of the 27th round, the Bologna club will be played at home to welcome the mid-group opponent, Sampdoria.

Bologna Overview

Bologna vs Sampdoria Prediction

The home side Bologna in the match against Napoli maintained a respectable 56% of ball control, in addition to launching 16 shots, but a little regret, only 4 times to send the ball hit the target. The number of goals created is only 1 while the opponent is 3. In a tournament that tends to play attacking like Seria A, the home team can only get 33 goals after 26 matches only considered is average but nothing remarkable.

Of the scored goals 21 are created in matches played at home, this is the first positive sign of this team. However, the scoring form in the recent matches has not been very good except that they put the ball in Lazio’s net twice. And the players in the defense have not contributed much to the general style of the game, so the number of goals lost is now at 41 and there is no sign of stopping.

Sampdoria Overview

Bologna vs Sampdoria Prediction

Sampdoria is playing with a 4-4-2 strategic plan and prioritizes resources for the midfield area. However, in the current Italian tournament, all teams have purchased well-contested midfield, so the away team is quite under the ticket in situations of interception and deployment of the ball.

Due to the limited number of opportunities created for the upline players, after 26 matches, the away team only scored 36 goals, of which the number of away goals was 15. Scoring in the last few matches is 1 goal per game, with such a low level, of course, the results will not be desired. Another thing is that the defense of Sampdoria is not sure, so the number of goals conceded is 39.

Asian Bet – Bologna vs Sampdoria prediction

Considering the last 5 openings with the presence of Bologna, the player believes that this team has received bitter fruit when losing 3 matches and only wins 2. On the other side, Sampdoria’s performance is even worse. More, with only 1 match to win, draw 1 and lose 3. The odds of winning the home team and the away team this season are also equal, with 38.5%.

Bologna vs Sampdoria prediction: Choose Sampdoria

European Bet – Bologna vs Sampdoria prediction

Bologna vs Sampdoria Prediction

In the last 5 confrontations between Bologna and UC Sampdoria, the home team is always the ones who have achieved beneficial results. They have 4 wins, and only let the visitors get 1 time to win 3 full points. However, the fact that both have not been in high form recently, choosing a tie is a safe choice for players.

Bologna vs Sampdoria prediction: Choose Draw

Over/Under Bet

In the previous 5 rounds, the Bologna strikers had 5 goals, averaging 1 goal/game. Meanwhile, 6 is the number of goals lost that the home team has to receive. Also during this time, Sampdoria had the same 5 times through the opponent’s net. In defense, this team lost more than 1 goal.

Competitions between the two teams in the past often ended with many goals scored. Specifically, in the last 5 encounters, with the matchup 2.5, the talent door has won all 5 matches.

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