Brann vs Valerenga Prediction | 2020/08/01| Norway Eliteserien

The reviews to the football Brann vs Valerenga prediction in Norway Eliteserien about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

Brann vs Valerenga Prediction


  • Match date: 6:30 pm on Saturday 1st August 2020
  • Event: Eliteserien
  • Stage: Matchday 12th
  • Location: Brann Stadion


Brann vs Valerenga Prediction


Brann vs Valerenga Prediction recommendation:

Asian handicap Brann vs Valerenga Prediction: 

  • Asian Handicap: FT Brann accept 0.25 (odd 0.98 with Brann and 0.94 with Valerenga) HT equal goals (odd 0.69 with Brann and 1.23 with Valerenga)
  • The performance from the beginning of the season of Brann is not too bad but it is difficult to say that this team is playing well. Despite winning 4 victories, Brann has also lost to 4 times. Obviously instability is always a big problem for this team. On the other side of the battle line, the defeat against a very strong opponent Molde is only the second time Valerenga suffered nothing. Obviously losing to a strong opponent like Molde is very normal and easy to understand because the strength that the top two teams create compared to the rest is very large. Meanwhile, Brann is certainly not the opponent that Valerenga must fear.

The best Brann vs Valerenga Prediction: 

  • Valerenga 0 HT
  • Valerenga +0.25 FT

O/U Brann vs Valerenga Prediction: 

  • O/U: FT 2.75 (odd 1.07 with Over and 0.83 with Under) HT 1 (odd 0.75 with Over and 1.14 with Under)
  • Brann has not shown any significant resistance to the defensive front in his recent matches. They are almost impossible to keep a clean sheet in most matches played this season. Across the field, Valerenga is still in very good shape and will take advantage of meeting Brann now to be able to vent his anger after having received a 4-1 defeat against Molde. So it is likely that this encounter will have an interesting scenario with many goals scored.

Best  Brann vs Valerenga Prediction:

  • OVER 1 HT
  • OVER 2.75 FT

European Odds Prediction: 

  • European betting shows the superiority of Brann with a feeding rate of 2.16 compared to 3.10 on the Valerenga side. That advantage only comes from the fact that Brann is playing on his home turf. However, the performance that this team is showing is very precarious and does not show any significant stability. This is in stark contrast to the very good results of Valerenga when confronting worthy opponents. So if the away team takes 3 points in this match then it is not surprising.
  • Valerenga Full-time to win  

With the aforementioned analysis, experts believe that this match will take place attractive with many goals scored. And with his excellence, the Valerenga guests will know how to beat host Brann.

Predict the match score:

  • H1 Brann 0-2 Valerenga
  • Brann 1-2 Valerenga FullTime