Brazil vs Peru Prediction – Copa America – 07/05/2021

Brazil vs Peru prediction on July 05, 2021. Brazil will face Peru in the semi-finals of the Copa America 2021, the host country’s goal will certainly be 1 victory in 90 minutes to ensure a full physical foundation for the final. That goal is completely feasible when Brazil’s strength is still too superior to Peru’s.

Brazil Overview

Brazil vs Peru Prediction

Brazil did not face too many difficulties in the 2022 World Cup qualifying journey as well as in the Copa America 2021 before the rest of the teams in the South American region. 

The journey to the Copa America 2021 group stage is also very easy when Brazil does not spend too much effort to monopolize the leading position, even in each match they make different squad rotations. Not to mention in the quarterfinals when facing Chile, even though they only played with 10 people for most of the time, Brazil still easily won with a score of 1-0.

Peru Overview

Peru is in the same group as Brazil in the group stage journey at Copa America 2021. It was Peru’s first match in this tournament and then they accepted a 0-4 defeat relatively easily. But in front of more fit opponents, Peru had relatively good results, even in the quarter-finals, this team also excellently overcame Paraguay in an extremely emotional match. An unstable attack of Peru is not easy to penetrate the Brazilian defense at the moment.

Past Encounters

Brazil vs Peru Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Brazil vs Peru prediction

In the last encounter, Brazil won easily against Peru with a score of 4-0. Therefore, Selecao will be even more confident to have a complete victory against today’s opponent. 

In the first half, experts all believe that Brazil will have an early goal and after 90 minutes they will have a victory with a difference of 2 goals. Maybe Peru at the moment, they have made progress, but that is still not enough for them to compete on an equal footing with Brazil. Therefore, in the Asian bet today, choosing Brazil in both the first half and the whole match will be the most optimal choice.

Brazil vs Peru Prediction

  • Choose Brazil -1/2 (HT)
  • Choose Brazil -1 1/2 (FT)

European Bet

Brazil vs Peru Prediction

The European odds offered by the house are *1.24-12.00-5.30* corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. With completely overwhelming strength, Brazil is believed to win both professionally and 1×2 in today’s match.

Choose Brazil (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Brazil vs Peru prediction

All experts predict this will be an easy Semi-Final for the Selecao. Of course, with the importance of a Semi-final match, it is impossible to have many goals. Because even if Brazil has a very strong attack, they still have to face Peru choosing a negative defensive play. So, in today’s match, Under is a very safe choice for fans in both the first half and the whole match. Because the house is currently listing a relatively high rate.

Brazil vs Peru Prediction:

  • Choose Under 1 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2.5 (FT)


Brazil: Tavares, Fabinho, Willian, Silva De Goes, Becker, Militao, Melo, Luiz da Silva, Correa, Marquinhos, Oliveira, Richarlison, Neymar Jr.

Peru: Sanchez, Cortijo, Flores, Gallese, Ugarelli, Santamaria, Saavedra, Corzo, Castrillon, Gonzales, Ruidiaz.