Brentford vs Bournemouth Prediction – Championship – 05/22

Brentford vs Bournemouth prediction on May 22, 2021. Brentford is playing at home in the semi-final second leg of the Championship play-off 2020/21, their goal is definitely a win to at least level the gap lost in the previous first leg thinking further. That goal is considered unfeasible when Brentford meets AFC Bournemouth again at home.

Brentford Overview

Although Brentford could not compete for two direct promotion tickets with Norwich City and Watford in the Championship 2020/21, when the sprint took place, they still played hard and finished in 3rd place to bring themselves the greatest advantage in terms of schedule as well as branching. Even what this team showed in the final rounds was still very impressive when it brought back a series of 12 consecutive unbeaten matches, mainly victories to create an explosive momentum for the play-off matches.

Bournemouth Overview

AFC Bournemouth, after having secured a spot in the top 6, no longer showed any significant efforts. They accept this position in order to have the necessary nourishment for the pillars. Even the lack of determination made AFC Bournemouth receive all 3 defeats in the last 3 rounds. However, it is said to be a somewhat right decision when AFC Bournemouth has the most prolific physical foundation and has taken a 1-0 lead over Brentford in the semi-final first leg at home.


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Asian Bet – Brentford vs Bournemouth prediction

Bournemouth is very determined to be promoted after a season of being relegated to the first division. This team still has stability when coach E. Howe is still the captain of the club and is rebuilding the team with a younger force. In the form of Bournemouth at the moment, striker D. Solanke is playing very well and is a notable name. With Solanke on the attack, the away team’s defensive and counter-attacking ideas are always extremely reasonable and effective.

A 1-0 victory at home in the first leg helps Bournemouth to make many winning attempts. They can completely kick the defense to “trap” and punish the opponent. Bournemouth is expected to play with a tight squad and earn at least 1 draw to eliminate the opponent from the Play-off round.

Brentford vs Bournemouth Prediction

  • Choose Bournemouth + 0.25 (HT)
  • Choose Bournemouth + 0.5 (FT)

European Bet

10 encounters in head-to-head history: Brentford vs Bournemouth: Brentford has 3 wins, Bournemouth won 4 and 3 matches with a draw. It can be said that the strength between the two teams is very balanced. Especially in a play-off knockout match to decide promotion tickets. Bournemouth this match will play defensively. This match is predicted to draw according to the European bet.

Choose Draw (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Brentford vs Bournemouth prediction

In the last 10 matches between Brentford vs Bournemouth, there were 6 matches with only 2 goals or less. Especially, the last 2 matches only had 1 time when the net was shaken. The two teams have a balance of strength, and always enter the match with a tight tug of war. Especially in the time when the play-off second leg is important. This match is not expected to have many goals scored.

Brentford vs Bournemouth Prediction:

  • Choose Under 1 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2.5 (FT)


Brentford: Janelt, Jensen, Mbeumo, Raya, Jansson, Norgaard, Pinnock, Rasmussen, Fosu-Henry, Forss, Toney

AFC Bournemouth: Kelly, Wilshere, Lerma, Begovic, Stacey, Cook, Carter-Vickers, Brooks, Billing, Groenveld, Solanke