Brentford vs Watford Prediction – Championship – 05/01

Brentford vs Watford prediction on May 01, 2021. Round 45 saw a confrontation between two top 3 teams, Brentford welcomed Watford at Griffin Park. Watford has been celebrating the promotion ticket from last week while Brentford will have to focus on preparing for the playoffs.

Brentford Overview

Brentford vs Watford Prediction

Brentford was surprised to lose their boom as the season went down to the final rounds. Although still maintaining a steady unbeaten streak, Brentford’s victories have gradually been replaced by draws. Therefore, they lost the race to win one of the two direct promotion tickets and officially dropped it in the hands of Watford. So Brentford’s mission in the rest is to do the best he can to find an explosive form for play-offs.

Watford Overview

Brentford vs Watford Prediction

Winning at home in the last round against Millwall helped Watford officially follow Norwich City’s footsteps to win 1 of 2 direct promotion tickets to the Premier League season 2021/22. Although they are still out of place compared to the aforementioned opponent in the championship race, overall a direct promotion ticket has helped Watford fulfill the most important goal of this season.

Although Watford still met a couple of stumbles, they always showed great courage when they continuously found immediate victories and maintained prosperity for a long time. Therefore, if Brentford still plays as before, it is difficult for them to beat 1 Watford, which is said to be still aiming to compete for the championship with Norwich City.


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Brentford vs Watford Prediction

Asian Bet – Brentford vs Watford prediction

Brentford is more appreciated by the home advantage and the dynamics of the game. Watford has completed the goal, it is understandable for the pillars to rest after a fierce season. On the other side, though certainly of the playoff race, maintaining the winning streak is essential for Brentford.

Brentford’s recent form can be trusted with 2 consecutive wins with 1-0 at Bournemouth and Rotherham. More broadly, they are unbeaten in the last 10 rounds of which they keep 6 clean sheets, convincing statistics. 3 points for teachers and students Thomas Frank is clearly a reliable choice.

Brentford vs Watford Prediction: Choose Brentford -0.25

European Bet

Brentford vs Watford Prediction

The European odds highly appreciate Brentford’s chance of winning. Brentford’s stability makes this option worthy of trust. Watford no longer has the hard motivation to hope they can play properly.

Choose Brentford (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Brentford vs Watford prediction

Watford definitely finished second and won a direct promotion after Norwich. Success built on disciplined defense, Watford is the team that conceded the least in the Championship this season. Old-fashioned gameplay and extremely pragmatic, the last 3/4 rounds are clean sheets. Reasonable tactics bring stability to Watford during the most stressful period of the season, more than 10 games they only receive 1 defeat but bring 8 wins. The 1.39 table performance is not too impressive but shows pragmatic gameplay. This is the time when the pillars can rest, not surprised if the next match ends with few goals.

The pragmatic play is quite similar to the fact that Brentford has to plan for the next phase, hoping to open up the game. The first leg of this match also ended with a faint result.

Brentford vs Watford Prediction: Choose Under 2.25