Brescia Vs Verona Prediction On July 5th, 2020

Brescia vs Verona prediction on July 5th, 2020. With the harshest environment in Europe like Serie A, it is obvious that a promoted rookie will hardly get good results except for a few rare cases and Brescia is not among them.

Brescia Vs Verona Prediction

Brescia’s last matches

Verona’s last matches


Brescia vs Verona prediction HT

Up to the present time, the home team has only got 18 points after 29 rounds. With the above results, it is clear that the bottom position is reserved for Brescia from now until the end of the season.

By above them, SPAL or Lecce also had 19 and 25 points. Plus the series of extremely poor performance, not only in today’s match in particular but also for the remaining 8 rounds of this season in general, Brescia is considered by Brescia vs Verona prediction experts one more victory.

Currently, after going through 29 rounds, Verona is very stable with 8th place on the standing with 42 points. Moreover, the reason Verona is in 8th place comes from the extremely solid defense.

Maybe, in terms of attack, Verona is not too impressive, but with their defensive capabilities, even the big teams are very difficult to score against the away team’s goal. The proof is that at this time, Verona is the team with the fourth-lowest goal of the tournament with only 34 goals, more than the 3 leading teams in the table, namely Juventus, Lazio, and Inter Milan.

In addition to the above statistics, in the last 6 encounters between the two teams, Verona was only defeated once. The remaining two teams drew two matches, as well as Verona, won 3. Moreover, in their last 6 away games, Verona did not win but they lost only 1 match and drew 5. In that, they drew both Lazio and AC Milan. So, 3 points is too far a task for the home team in today’s match.

  • Ratio for the HT: Brescia 0 – 0 Verona.
  • Asian odds in the HT: Choose Brescia +1/4.
  • European odds in the HT: Choose Hoa 2.07.

Brescia vs Verona prediction FT

Brescia Vs Verona Prediction

Although being underestimated according to professional ability, in the Asian bet, Brescia is an outstanding investment. Because the house is posting a +1/4 handicap for the home team. And with the recent harmony of both teams, according to the Brescia vs Verona prediction, putting faith in Brescia will be the safest option.

  • The ratio for Full Time: Brescia 0 – 0 Verona.
  • Asian odds in Full Time: Choose Brescia +1/4.
  • Over Under odds for Full Time: Choose Under 2.5.
  • European odds in Full Time: Choose Draw to win 3.45.

Brescia vs Verona Prediction, score

Brescia Vs Verona Prediction

Despite the disadvantages of the field, but experts still evaluate the possibility of victory in favor of Verona. The Brescia vs Verona prediction specialist finds this to be entirely understandable because the home team Brescia is showing a form that must be said to be very poor, they are poor even when played. at home. In contrast, Verona is playing well and highly exciting spirit to compete for tickets to reach Europe next season.

Expected line-up

  • Brescia: J. Joronen, A. Semprini, A. Mateju, A. Papetti, S. Sabelli, D. Dessena, S. Tonali, S. Skrabb, J. Zmrhal, F. Aye, A. Donnarumma.
  • Verona: M. Silvestri, P. Dawidowicz, K. Gunter, A. Rahmani, F. Dimarco, M. Veloso, S. Amrabat, D. Faraoni, F. Borini, Carmine, V. Verre.