Bulgaria vs Italy Prediction – World Cup Qualification 2022 – 03/29/2021

Bulgaria vs Italy prediction on March 29, 2021. There are not too many chances to continue in Group C, Bulgaria with a loss on the first day almost determined its future in the 2022 World Cup preliminary round. Remember, in Group C, in addition to the presence of a very strong name, Italy, Switzerland is the second team that is believed to win a preliminary Playoff ticket.

Bulgaria Overview

Bulgaria vs Italy Prediction

The year 2020 clearly did not go really well for the Bulgaria team as they only won 1 victory out of 7 matches played. More notably, most of the opponents who defeated coach Yasen Petrov’s team (Finland, Hungary, …) are teams that are not overestimated by professionals.

Bulgaria lost with a 2-goal difference to Switzerland at the away field. Bulgaria has failed a long series of consecutive matches in both the Nations League and the Euro qualifying round although their opponents are relatively equal to Ireland, Finland. It is likely that the home team will have no resistance in this match and minimize the number of goals lost to win for the upcoming time.

Italy Overview

Bulgaria vs Italy Prediction

In the first round of the Italian team, it was not too difficult for them to overcome Northern Ireland with their overwhelming home score. Moreover, before reaching the World Cup qualifiers this year, Italy had a series of consecutive unbeaten matches in the Nations League. In which, the team in the Thien Thanh shirt was unbeaten in a series of 6 consecutive matches with 3 wins and 3 draws.

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Home matches over the years have not been the strong point of the rose country team. Specifically, they have lost 8 in the last 12 times to host other national teams in their territory. With such a performance, it is difficult to hope that The Lions can do something wrong.

On the other side, the Italy team had a relatively successful 2020 with not having to receive any defeats and having won 5 victories. Typically, it is necessary to mention the 1-0 victory over the Netherlands or 2-0 against Poland.

Bulgaria vs Italy Prediction

In addition, their away record last time is also quite impressive when the last time the soccer team lost on a trip away from home was from Cristiano Ronaldo’s defeat to Portugal.

In the UEFA Nations League in September 2018, more than that, Bulgaria is also seen as a pretty favorite opponent. The proof is that the Azzurri was completely unbeaten and won 4 of the 7 closest encounters with the Eastern European team.

Bulgaria vs Italy prediction: Choose Italy

Haft Time Bet – Bulgaria vs Italy prediction

In their last 5 away matches, there have been 4 times that the Italian team ended the first official 45 minutes with a score advantage. Therefore, according to the site of home odds, the away team for the first half will be a good choice for players.

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Over/Under Bet

With only a weak opponent like Bulgaria, the Italian team is likely to have a bold victory. Therefore, players should choose to set the door to own a higher rate.

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