CD Castellon vs Malaga Prediction | La Liga 2 | 09/19

CD Castellon vs Malaga is a confrontation that will take place at 4:15 pm on September 19 – Be careful before the rookie. This is a match in the second round of the Spanish National – La Liga 2. CD Castellon vs Malaga prediction will provide in-depth suggestions, analyze the performance of the two teams before the match so that you can choose the standard odds for yourself.

CD Castellon vs Malaga Prediction


  • Match date: 4:15 pm on Saturday 19th September 2020
  • Event: La Liga 2
  • Stage: Matchday 2nd
  • Location: Estadio Municipal Castalia






  • CD Castellon is a newly promoted team from the 3rd division and they have had a very smooth opening game when they beat SD Ponferradina on away field with a score of 2-1, the match that the away team gave out a very good stance in which control the ball more than the opponent. 
  • In addition, this rookie also impressed in a series of friendly matches before the start of the season, namely, losing only 1 goal away from the representatives playing in Laliga like Valencia or most recently against Levante. In addition, CD Castellon’s home record is quite good when they have won 3/4 of the last game and those are very convincing victories.


  • Malaga was disappointing last season when he only got 53 points after 11 wins, 20 draws and 11 losses, which is also the team with the most draws in the tournament. This season, this team has had a difficult debut and lost 0-2 to Tenerife on away field, so remember this is just a team 2 points ahead of them last season. 
  • The last defeat is also the third consecutive defeat and also the 5th consecutive game without winning by coach Garcia and his students before it was a series of friendly matches. One of the best achievements in Malaga’s last 5 friendlies is to defeat Laliga’s representative Valladolid with a score of 1-0 or draw Granada with a score of 0-0.



  • In the past, Malaga possesses a head-to-head record that is completely superior to this opponent when they both win at the last 3 meetings but remember that the last time also took place since 2008. Currently, although only a newcomer to the promotion, but with the victory in the opening match right away from the home field will help CD Castellon gain confidence in the next matches compared to the pressure of losing in the opening match by Malaga. Therefore, it is difficult to defeat this rookie.
  • CD Castellon vs Malaga prediction: CD Castellon -1/4


  • Malaga is a team that possesses a defensive playstyle and last season they received the least number of goals with 33 goals, 9 goals less than the championship team Huesca. In addition, all four recent consecutive matches Malaga did not once fire, even scored only 1 goal after 6 recent away matches. Meanwhile, only receiving 1 goal against both Laliga representatives Levante and Valencia of CD Castellon in the recent two friendly matches have shown their defense is playing effectively.
  • Select: Under FT

CD Castellon vs Malaga prediction:

  • CD Castellon vs Malaga: 1 – 2
CD Castellon vs Malaga Prediction


  • In addition to the completely opposite performance of the two teams in the last match, in the previous friendly match, CD Castellon lost 0-1 to a representative playing in Laliga – Levante is said to be a better result. Much more than Malaga losing 0-2 to Alcorcon at home, remember it was only the team 4 points ahead of them last season. In addition, Malaga is not strong in away matches when they have never won in the last 7 matches. So the home team will be a more fundamental choice.
  • Select: CD Castellon FT


  • CD Castellon: Alvaro Campos, Adrian Lapena, Rafael Galvez, Joseba Muguruza, Eneko Satrustegui Plano, Jorge Fernandez, Ruben Diez, Carles Salvador, Josep Sene, Marc, Marc Mateu Sanjuan, Juanto Ortuno
  • Malaga: Dani Barrio, Alberto Escasi Oliva, Juan Margalef, Ismael Casas Casado, Andres Benitez, Mohamed Benkhemassa, Cristian Rodriguez Perez, Ivan Calero, Yanis Rahmani, Tete Morente, Cayetano Quintana Hernandez