Ceara vs Sao Paulo Prediction – Série A – 06/27/2021

Ceara vs Sao Paulo prediction on June 27, 2021. Ceara is playing at home in the next round of Serie A 2021, their goal will be to find the joy of victory to quickly improve the ranking. That goal is somewhat possible when Ceara hosts Sao Paulo.

Ceara Overview

Ceara vs Sao Paulo Prediction

Ceará made good use of only facing rookie Gremio on an opening day to bring home a 3-2 victory, thereby getting a favorable start in Serie A 2021. However, after 5 rounds. This is still only the only victory this team has because then there are 2 defeats at home followed by 2 draws when having to be a guest. 

Even in all arenas, at this moment in Ceara’s hand is a series of 6 matches without knowing the smell of victory. Ceara’s strikers, in general, are gradually improving in scoring, but the defense has not yet played so firmly that the achievement has not been significantly improved.

Sao Paulo Overview

Ceara vs Sao Paulo Prediction

Sao Paulo is having the worst start in the history of its Serie A appearances so far. Because after 6 rounds played, this team only won 3 points from 3 draws with 3 defeats. That extremely weak performance has made Sao Paulo right in the group holding the red light after 6 rounds, even they have more matches than neighboring rivals. Sao Paulo is also not appreciated when their defense is too loose and constantly throws away points.


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Asian Bet – Ceara vs Sao Paulo prediction

Sao Paulo is one of the rare teams in Serie A that has not known the smell of victory. With three losses and three draws, it is clear that the away team is making the fans extremely disappointed in their performance. In the last 9 marches away from home, coach Hernan Crespo’s men couldn’t have once enjoyed the full joy. 

Having to play on the field of a Ceara who is extremely thirsty for points, Sao Paulo is clearly much more defeated. After a fairly successful season, Dani Alves and his teammates are inexplicably declining. So it will not be surprising if they continue to have the 4th loss from the beginning of the tournament.

Ceara vs Sao Paulo Prediction

  • Select Ceara (HT)
  • Select Ceara (FT)

European Bet

Ceara vs Sao Paulo Prediction

The last 3 confrontations between the two clubs ended in a draw. Ceara is very hungry for a win when the last time they beat Sao Paulo was in 2015. With the home advantage and slightly better form, Ceara is likely to continue to have 3 points and climb up to the top half of the standings.

Choose Ceara (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Ceara vs Sao Paulo prediction

5 matches and 6 goals, this is obviously a rather poor number in a South American league like Brazil. In the last 5 matches, there was not a single time when Ceara scored more than 1 goal and there were 2 failed matches. Therefore, it will not be surprising if they continue to play at a stalemate despite returning to the home field.

On the other side, Sao Paulo’s stats are even worse. Once a big name, now the away team only scored 3 goals after 6 rounds. The last 4/5 matches had to march away from home, Sao Paulo did not score any 1 goal. With the extremely poor performance of both teams, choosing Under for this match is a reasonable decision.

Ceara vs Sao Paulo Prediction:

  • Choose Under (HT)
  • Choose Under (FT)


Ceará: Machado; Dias, Messias, Lacerda, Bruno; Fernando, Marlon; Moreira, Jorginho, Mendoza; Saulo

São Paulo: Volpi; Diego, Bruno, Leo; Orejuela, Liziero, Sara, Benitez, Santos; Rigoni, Eder