Chapecoense vs Cuiaba Prediction – Série A – 07/18/2021

Chapecoense vs Cuiaba prediction on July 18, 2021. Chapecoense is playing at home in the next round of Serie A 2021, their goal is still the first victory of this season. However, that goal was still considered unfeasible even though Chapecoense only had to host Cuiaba.

Chapecoense Overview

Chapecoense vs Cuiaba Prediction

Chapecoense is going through extremely difficult days in its return to Serie A in the 2021 season. Because after 11 rounds have passed, this rookie has not once enjoyed the joy of winning. Chapecoense’s best record is 4 points from 4 draws with 7 defeats. That result made Chapecoense accept the penultimate position on the chart and on day 1 the safety group widened the gap in terms of points. Chapecoense’s attack proved too weak in most of its last matches in Serie A 2021.

Cuiaba Overview

Cuiaba is also experiencing similar days to Chapecoense as rookies in Serie A 2021. Cuiaba still does slightly better with a position just above Chapecoense with 6 points obtained from 6 draws and 3 losses. Obviously, the prosperity is what Cuiaba has maintained up to now and they just need a little more luck to really break through the rankings. The lack of effective attack is also a big reason for Cuiaba’s achievement with many draws.


Past Encounters

Chapecoense vs Cuiaba Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Chapecoense vs Cuiaba prediction

Although slightly underrated, Cuiaba was never afraid of Chapecoense. 2 confrontations in the 2nd division last season, each side got 1 victory. The situation of the force is also supporting the away team when only midfielder Pepe is absent, while Chapecoense’s long-term injury list has reached 5.

Cuiaba’s recent form is very positive, they are consecutively holding Ceara and second place Bragantino group. With the defense as a reliable fulcrum, Cuiaba is not an easy opponent to defeat. On the other side, Chapecoense’s performance is at an alarming level, the last 4 rounds are all empty-handed, 2 home matches the strikers are all dead. Victory seemed too luxurious for Ventura’s men. 1 point for each new side is the result that correctly reflects the power correlation.

Chapecoense vs Cuiaba Prediction: Choose Cuiaba +0.25

European Bet

Chapecoense vs Cuiaba Prediction

The European odds assess the probability of winning of the two teams is not too different. This is completely reasonable with the correlation of forces, although Chapecoense has the advantage of home field, the performance is unstable. The similar gameplay plus the low scoring performance of the two teams is difficult to break the balance.

Choose Draw (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Chapecoense vs Cuiaba prediction

Equally evaluated and all need to save points, an open game is very unlikely. The two teams’ attack, which is not appreciated, is more scarce in this match. In fact, the last time they met at Conda Arena, there was only 1 goal scored, 4/5 Cuiaba’s away matches had no more than 2 goals.

Chapecoense vs Cuiaba Prediction: Choose Under 2


Chapecoense-SC: Amaral, Augusto, Elicarlos, Tiepo, Eduardo, Rafael, Ramos, Pacheco, Campanharo, Aylon, Everaldo.

Cuiaba: Ale, Marino, Braga, Nogueira, Leo, Ednei, Conceicao, Paulinho, Patrick, Marques, Jefinho.