Clermont vs Chateauroux Prediction – Ligue 2 – 04/27

Clermont vs Chateauroux prediction on April 27, 2021. Clermont is holding almost all advantages in this game, from playing at home, superior level to the recent form that is quite sublimated. That is why it is not surprising for them to easily roll the away team according to their playstyle.

Clermont Overview

Clermont vs Chateauroux Prediction

Even in the current period of boiling water, just having to meet Chateauroux was really a bargain for them. In fact, Clermont’s current form is not bad when they still have 6 wins 2 draws and just lost 2 matches in their last 10 matches. Not to mention the home advantage they also took advantage of relatively well since the beginning of the season with 11 wins and 5 draws and 1 loss.

Despite being 2nd in the rankings, but Clermont is the team with the best goal difference in the tournament. Leading in both the number of goals with 53 goals and the number of goals lost when conceding at least 20 goals is enough to show the uniformity of the home team so Chateauroux will find it difficult to penetrate the defense of the home team that dreams of points.

Chateauroux Overview

Clermont vs Chateauroux Prediction

For Chateauroux’s part, they were not able to compete with the rest of the team as he was completely underpowered from the start of the season and had definitely been relegated. The remaining matches are only procedural and they do not have much motivation to fight, so the achievements in the past series of matches are easy to understand. Indeed, in 11 consecutive matches, the visitors do not know what the smell of victory is and the average odds of winning have just stopped at 30%.

Chateauroux is just a little-known team, the last place on the rankings at this time questioned the team’s true capacity. There must definitely be a change in the team’s tactics.


Past Encounters

Clermont vs Chateauroux Prediction

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Asian Bet – Clermont vs Chateauroux prediction

It seems that after the above evidence, the odds 1.5 does not cause many difficulties for the home team. Remember, their current average odds of winning are at a high level with countless advantages mentioned above, so choosing Clermont will be a safe decision.

Clermont vs Chateauroux Prediction: Choose Clermont

European Bet

In the last 10 encounters, Clermont is still undefeated against Chateauroux when he has 6 wins and 4 draws.

Choose Clermont (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Clermont vs Chateauroux prediction

Clermont vs Chateauroux Prediction

On the other hand, despite the high performance, Clermont’s games often do not have too many goals scored. The rate of Over the current 2 teams is also only about 40% and 33 or even their previous 10 encounters are only 30% so the Under in this match will be a good choice.

Clermont vs Chateauroux Prediction: Choose Under


Clermont: Arthur Desmas, Akim Zedadka, Cedric Hountondji, Florent Ogier, Vital N’Simba, Jonathan Iglesias, Johan Gastien, Jodel Dossou, Jason Berthomier, Jim Allevinah, Mohamed Bayo.

Chateauroux: Marcin Bułka, Thibault Vargas, Kalidou Sidibe, Yannick M’Bone, Christopher Operi, Opa Sangante, Romain Grange, Guevin Tormin, Leo Leroy, Ylyas Chouaref, Prince Ibara.