CMD368 system maintenance and return time

As of December 28, 2020, CMD368 system maintenance has officially confirmed that its homepage information is inaccessible due to the maintenance and upgrade of the system. CMD368 also does not give a specific time when the website will resume normal operation

CMD368 system maintenance

This information is completely untrue. Because the bookie CMD368 is legally licensed by the Philippine government.

Therefore this bookie has just been allowed to operate publicly, based in the Philippines. As well as paying taxes and is overseen by world gambling organizations. You can rest assured when betting here.

CMD368 access is something no one wants, especially for people addicted to gambling, online casino. While waiting for CMD368 system maintenance to fix and maintain the system, you can switch to other big bookmakers like TT128 or BK8 to play football and online casino.

How long is CMD368 system maintenance?

How long the CMD368 system maintenance time which is clearly stated on the CMD368 homepage is tomorrow at 9 am. It is not clear whether GMT + 7 or GMT + (there is only an hour difference)

The company will be 20: 00-19: 00 (GMT + 8) to maintain the system, while all pages cannot be used for any inconvenience, please understand. For inquiries about this matter, please contact Customer Care at

Toll Free : China (4001200186); Indonesia (007 8033218368); Thailand (001 800 852 5368); Vietnam (+84844582368)


CMD368 system maintenance to upgrade the website and the quality of the bookmaker’s products and services. So normally at least 1 week the dealer will maintain 30 minutes periodically. The online bookmakers can also do more maintenance if there are large numbers of people betting, experiencing a lot of overloads.

This problem is encountered at any online dealer, any website, not just CMD368. So, please accept this inconvenience in entertainment! Maintenance helps to speed up and improve the quality of the bookmaker’s products and services. In order to give players the best experience. Website errors, game errors will also be fixed and upgraded by the dealer during maintenance.

Is CMD368 safe?

Legally licensed

Any bookie that is licensed, supervised is extremely safe. Of course, each dealer will have its own rules that make players uncomfortable. But mainly the problem of players not carefully reading the rules of deposit, withdrawal, and the terms of the bookmarker.

CMD368  has just appointed the former Arsenal players to be the new brand ambassador.

You can easily check the dealer’s business license. Most of it is publicized on the homepage to help you feel more secure. CMD368 is not only so famous but also owns a business license. Ensure your safety when entertaining at the bookie.

Many attractive entertaining games – CMD368 system maintenance

Only a reputable, potential dealer in the entertainment field can bring players many attractive games. You can easily rate CMD368 through the entertainment store. Extremely diverse with hundreds of games with many different genres.

This bookie is also extremely interested in Vietnamese culture and preferences. When providing games such as cockfighting, lottery, disc shock …. These are all attractive and most selected games today.

Reasonable promotion

A scam dealer will always offer unbelievable surprise bonuses. Taking advantage of human greed for profit. Therefore, CMD368’s incentives are extremely reasonable and reliable. Usually, you will get a small amount of money to experience, top-up to receive more bonuses and promotional gifts.

CMD368 system maintenance

There is no scam seal yet

CMD368 system maintenance

As of today, I have yet to look up any accurate information about the CMD368 scam. Mainly information about CMD368 is the article guides and offers of the bookmaker only. So you can feel some peace of mind when you play online here.

CMD368 is really safe, but not so popular in Europe, not as in Asia. So quite a lot of people worry when betting here. You can be completely assured of online entertainment at a licensed overseas dealer. Also, if you do not feel secure, just choose another reputable one!

Conclude – CMD368 system maintenance

All information about CMD368 system maintenance is still open and no one knows the date of CMD368’s return to players. Although losing a familiar playground, the two bookmakers TT128 and BK8 will definitely give you an experience not inferior to CMD368.