Djurgardens vs Orebro Prediction – Allsvenskan – 07/05

Djurgardens vs Orebro prediction on July 05, 2021. The former king two seasons ago Djurgardens lost the throne to Malmo last season. In this year’s tournament, they are very determined to be able to reclaim the “throne”. Thereby enough evaluation, Djurgardens is a team capable of competing for the championship and is in the group of top strength teams in the tournament.

Djurgardens Overview

Djurgardens vs Orebro Prediction

Djurgardens IF last season they played unsuccessfully and could not successfully defend the top position in the rankings, so this season they are determined to regain the position of the champion. 

Through the first 8 rounds, they got themselves 5 wins and 2 draws, and 1 loss, got 17 points, and are in 2nd place on the standings at the moment. Currently only 3 points behind the top team, but still have 1 match in hand. The next round will be played at home while the opponent is at the bottom of the table, so 3 points for the host is not too difficult a task at the moment.

Orebro Overview

Orebro SK is a name that has never been appreciated in the Swedish league, their start to this season is quite bad and they are struggling to rise to a safe position at this time. Currently, after 8 rounds, they only got 2 wins, 1 draw, and 5 losses, only 7 points and temporarily standing at the top of the rankings. Recently, they have not shown any progress, so in the upcoming trip away from home, it will be difficult for the away team to gain points for themselves.


Past Encounters

Latest Matches

Djurgardens vs Orebro Prediction

Asian Bet – Djurgardens vs Orebro prediction

Djurgardens only played 8 matches in the Swedish league and got 5 wins and 2 draws. The home team currently has 17 points, ranked 2nd on the table, but only 3 points behind the leading team, while there is still 1 match left. They are very determined to win to compete for the top 1.

Djurgardens in the next round will be kicked at home and only have to welcome an underrated opponent, Orebro. In 10 encounters with this opponent, Djurgardens won 8 matches. Nothing will stop the home team from getting 3 more points.

Djurgardens vs Orebro Prediction

  • Select Djurgardens – 0.75 (HT)
  • Select Djurgardens – 1.5 (FT)

European Bet

Djurgardens vs Orebro Prediction

Confrontation history 10 times confrontation between 2 clubs: Djurgardens completely overwhelmed with all 8 victories, Orebro only won 1 and 1 match with a draw score. It can be affirmed that the strength and class of the home team are still completely superior to the guests. Especially in this match, Djurgardens has the home-field advantage.

Choose Djurgardens (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Djurgardens vs Orebro prediction

In the last 5 confrontations between 2 clubs Djurgardens vs Orebro, all 5 matches had at least 3 goals or more. Especially, the last clash between the 2 clubs had 4 times the net vibrated. Djurgardens is a leading Swedish team, possessing a strong attack with classy strikers. They always enter the game with a fierce attack. While Orebro is also a team that plays quite openly. Competitions between Djurgardens and Orebro often have many goals scored.

Djurgardens vs Orebro Prediction:

  • Choose Over 1.25 (HT)
  • Choose Over 3 (FT)


Djurgarden: Haris Radetinac, Jonathan Ring, Astrit Ajdarevic, Mohamed Buya Turay, Marcus Danielsson, Elliot Käck, Jesper Karlström, Fredrik Ulvestad, Jacob Une Larsson, Tommi Vaio, Aslak Font Witry.

Orebro SK: Nordin Gerzic, Albin Granlund, Oscar Jansson, Michael Almebäck, Helmer Andersson, Niclas Bergmark, Johan Bertilsson, Yaser Kasim, Jake Larsson, Viktor Pro Dell, Kevin Wright.