Everton vs Wolves result 0-3: Wolves officially return to Top 4 Race

Destroying Everton at the home of this team, Wolves officially approached MU and returned to the top 4 race. Everton vs Wolves result confront each other in the earliest match on Sunday, July 12. Go to guests on the field of the “hard-working” team Everton, Wolves carry 2 matches with the bad news about the fact that Sheffield has occupied 6th place. However, the Wolves have shown that they know how to return. at the right time.

Everton vs Wolves result: Good news for Wolves
Everton vs Wolves result: Good news for Wolves

Everton vs Wolves result: 0-3

With a not-so-strong correlation of forces, Wolves and Everton created the first half match quite balanced. It looked like the first half would end with a draw, when Lucas Digne unexpectedly fouled in the penalty area with young striker Podence, bringing a penalty for Wolves.

On the 11m mark, Jimenez made no mistake to open the points for the guests.

Jimenez opened the scoring for Wolves

If the first half had to wait until 45+ minutes to have a goal, in the first minute of the second half, the score table immediately changed. The net that had to vibrate this time continued to be Everton’s. This time it was Dendonker’s unstoppable header after a fixed free-kick situation from Neto.

Conjoined 2 goals conceded, Everton put all his energy into attacking. However today was an unsuccessful day for the home team strikers, their defense was also bad. Goalkeeper Pickford dropped the ball twice and let the ball hit the groin. Although not yet to pay, but this also shows that Everton have many problems in this match.

In the 75th minute, the replacement was Diego Jota and Pickford hit the net again. Jota’s goal is also the last goal of this match.

Wolves officially returned to the top 4 race after the victory over Everton

Destroy Everton 3-0

Wolves officially returned to the top 4 race after the victory over Everton

Destroy Everton 3-0, Wolves officially reclaimed the 6th position from Sheffield, and close to MU with 3 points worse.

  • Final: Everton 0-3 Wolves
  • Goalscorers: Jimenez (45 ‘), Dendonker (46’), Jota (75 ‘)
  • Line-up to Everton vs Wolves
  • Everton: Pickford (GK); Digne, Mina, Keane; Baines, Gordon, Davies, Sigurdsson, Walcott; Richarlison, Calver-Lewin.
  • Wolves: Patricio (GK); Saiss, Coady, Boly; Johny, Neves, Dendonker, Doherty; Neto, Podence, Jimenez.

Match performance

TIME – Final Everton vs Wolves result: Everton 0-3 Wolves


83 ‘: NO

One more cannon shot from outside the box of Wolves players.


Only 10 minutes after missing the opportunity to score, in the second confrontation, Diogo Jota officially opened fire. The current score is 3-0 for Wolves.

Everton vs Wolves result

64 ‘: DANGER

Jota faced Pickford but he fumbled and fell and missed the chance to increase the score to 3-0.

63 ‘: NO

Coleman hit the head of the ground and Patricio had to push the ball to take a corner.

60 ‘: DANGER

The score was close to 3-0 for Wolves after a mistake to catch the ball in the groin of Pickford.


As soon as the second half started just 1 minute, Wolves had a goal doubling the lead by Dendonker.




In the final minutes of the first half, Wolves unexpectedly received a penalty and Raul Jimenez made no mistake to open the score.


Lucas Digne fouled Podence in the penalty area. 1 penalty for Wolves.

Everton vs Wolves result

Neto’s cross was not dangerous but goalkeeper Pickford fumbled to drop the ball. However, Michael Kean was promptly released.

30 ‘: MINA is the first player to leave the field. He suffered an injury not worth it

27’, 17’, 7’ Johny fell inside the box but the referee determined there was only one corner for Wolves. Jimenez has a beautiful hook-up bulb, but he still hasn’t got a goal. Doherty dribbled from the edge of the right-wing into the middle and hit the shot like a striker

Without 15’ Walcott unleashes across over the goal with Wolves. Unfortunately, no teammates are involved in this situation.


Calver Lewin immediately gave an answer to Everton

2 ‘: NO

Podence finished diagonally towards Pickford, but the ball went too light.