FC Lahti vs KuPS Prediction – Veikkausliiga – 05/11/2021

FC Lahti vs KuPS prediction on May 11, 2021. FC Lahti is playing at home in the next round of the Veikkausliiga 2021 tournament, their goal will definitely be to win or at least score points so that they can rise to the above rankings. That goal is possible even though FC Lahti has to welcome KuPS.

FC Lahti Overview

FC Lahti has prepared very well for the Veikkausliiga 2021 journey when continuously winning friendly matches. And that also came into play soon when FC Lahti overcame difficult opponent Inter Turku at home with a score of 2-1, thereby creating a highly successful start. Certainly, with high confidence after good results, FC Lahti promises to be an interesting unknown this season. 

FC Lahti’s strikers have a very impressive ability to score in the latest matches, so although the defense is constantly conceding, they always know how to win. 

KuPS Overview

KuPS will embark on Veikkausliiga 2021 journey with the most important goal of reclaiming the championship that was dropped to HJK Helsinki last season. However, their ambitions were soon poured in cold water from the first rounds, because after 2 matches, KuPS could only gain 1 point after 1 draw and 1 defeat. KuPS has yet to show their best form that they have in Veikkausliiga is a draw against direct competitor HJK Helsinki.


Past Encounters

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – FC Lahti vs KuPS prediction

KUPS is still among the top teams in Veikkausliiga. In the previous round, KUPS had a goalless draw against Helsinki. Just played 2 matches in the Veikkausliiga, KUPS lost 1 and had 1 draw. They only have 1 point and have dropped to 9th on the rankings.

Despite not playing well, but to be fair, the season is just getting started. Meanwhile, KUPS is still rated higher than the opponent in terms of strength. In 10 encounters between 2 teams: KUPS completely outperformed with 5 wins and 4 draws. They are again very determined to find the first victory. However, in this match, the two teams are expected to divide the points with a draw.

FC Lahti vs KuPS Prediction

  • Choose FC Lahti + 0.25 (HT)
  • Choose FC Lahti + 0.25 (FT)

European Bet

10 recent encounters in the history of confrontations between 2 clubs: FC Lahti vs KUPS: the achievement is quite different when FC Lahti only wins 1, while KUPS has 5 wins and 4 matches with a draw. It can be confirmed at this point that KUPS is still considered to be superior to its opponent. However, at the moment FC Lahti is having a good start and home advantage.

Choose FC Lahti (FT)

Over/Under Bet – FC Lahti vs KuPS prediction

The 6 most recent encounters in the history of confrontations between 2 clubs: FC Lahti vs KUPS, there are up to 5 goals scored matches of at least 3 goals or more. KUPS is still considered a team with a strong attack in Veikkausliiga. Meanwhile, FC Lahti has home advantage and is in good shape. The confrontation of FC Lahti vs KuPS often has many goals scored.

FC Lahti vs KuPS Prediction:

  • Choose Over 0.75 (HT)
  • Choose Over 2.25 (FT)


FC Lahti: Vahid Hambo, Dimitry Imbongo Boele, Kari Arkivuo, Jasin-Amin Sahnoun, Jean-Christophe Coubronne, Henri Eninful, Mikko Kuningas, Timi Tapio Lahti, Peter Rakovsky, Valdrin Rashica, Mikko Viikko.

KuPS: Saku Savolainen, Rasmus Karjalainen, Otso Virtanen, Kalle Taimi, Reuben Ayarna, Tony Miettinen, Petteri Pennanen, Rangel, Ats Purje, Ilmari Niskanen, Luis Carlos Murillo.