FC Seoul vs Ulsan Hyundai FC Prediction – K-League – 07/31

FC Seoul vs Ulsan Hyundai FC prediction on July 31, 2021. Within the framework of round 22 of the Korean league, FC Seoul will be playing at home and welcoming the away team Ulsan Hyundai FC.

FC Seoul Overview

FC Seoul is causing quite a disappointment this season when it does not have a good performance. After 19 rounds, FC Seoul only won 20 points, ranked 10th in the rankings, only 2 points higher than the bottom position of the table. Recently, despite trying many times, the landlord has not made any significant progress. The next round must welcome a much stronger opponent, Ulsan Hyundai FC, so the chance of getting the score of the host is not much.

Ulsan Hyundai FC Overview

Ulsan Hyundai still maintains its pretty good performance this season. After 20 rounds, Ulsan Hyundai has won 37 points, leading the rankings. 4 points more than the 2nd ranked team, Jeonbuk Motors, but played 2 more matches. With this gap, nothing can guarantee the top position in the rankings right now. Victory is essential for the away team, so in the next match, even though they have to march away from home, 3 points will be the goal of the away team.


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Asian Bet – FC Seoul vs Ulsan Hyundai FC prediction

Although they have just won, in general, FC Seoul’s performance is quite bad when they have not won up to the last 13/14 matches. Meanwhile, Ulsan Hyundai FC is in high form and they have won 8 of the last 10 matches. 

At the same time, Ulsan Hyundai FC’s scoring ability is very strong when they have brought home 12 goals after only the last 5 matches. Along with that, Ulsan Hyundai FC often plays very well against the host when winning all of the last 5 matches. Therefore, it is likely that Ulsan Hyundai FC will gain the upper hand and win.

FC Seoul vs Ulsan Hyundai FC Prediction: Choose Ulsan Hyundai FC -0.75

European Bet

The European odds offered by the house is 4.10 * 1.82 * 3.50, corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. The fact that investors appreciate Ulsan Hyundai FC’s winning ability is completely understandable. The numbers say that the landlord’s chances of scoring are not much.

Choose Ulsan Hyundai FC (FT)

Over/Under Bet – FC Seoul vs Ulsan Hyundai FC prediction

Statistics show that recent confrontations between these two teams often end with many goals scored when the last 6/8 confrontations ended with over results. At the same time, Ulsan Hyundai FC is possessing a strong attacking play and their last 4/5 matches ended with Over result.

Choose Over 2.5


FC Seoul: J. Osmar, Y. Sang-Hun, Se-Jong, H. Hyun-Soo, K. Nam-Chun, K. Min-Soo, K. Kwang-Min, Alibaev, K. Han-Gil, P. Chu-Young, P. Dong-Jin.

Ulsan Hyundai FC: Hyun-woo, Du-jae, Jin-ho, Tae-hwan, Kee-hee, Dave Bulthuis, Ju-ho, Dong-gyeong, Bit-garam, Keun-ho, Júnior Negão.