Feyenoord vs Wolfsberger Prediction | C2 Cup | 10/29

Feyenoord vs Wolfsberger prediction – In the past time, Feyenoord has been showing stability in gameplay. That is creating a lot of confidence for the Dutch team. Entering the match in the next round 2, Feyenoord will be kicked at home. Welcoming Wolfsberger, Feyenoord’s goal was 3 points.

Feyenoord vs Wolfsberger Prediction


  • Match date: 5:55 pm on Thursday 29th October 2020
  • Event: UEFA Europa League
  • Stage: Matchday 2nd
  • Location: De Kuip






  • Feyenoord is having a good start to the season with a 5-match unbeaten run in the Dutch National Championship. The team currently has 9 points and is ranked in 5th place. Besides, the team currently has a 7-match circuit with no known defeat in all competitions. In this series of 7 unbeaten matches, the team got 3 wins and 4 draws.


  • Unlike host club Feyenoord, the visitors from Austria – Wolfsberger FC are in a bad shape. After the first 5 rounds of the Austrian National Championship, the team has only 1 victory, the rest are 4 defeats. In addition, the club has a 2-match run of unknown victory in all competitions.


  • Feyenoord is a potential choice for the current players to bet. According to the statistics of the experts, in the last 17 openings of the team, players have high odds. Accordingly, the player who bets on the club playing in the Dutch first division has 55.56% odds of winning the match. In contrast, players only have 44.44% odds of losing bets.
  • Contrary to the home team in the next match, the guests Wolfsberger is a risky choice for players. In the last 18 open matches, players who bet on this team have only 38.89% odds of winning. Along with that is 55.56% win rate and 5.56% draw.
  • The Feyenoord vs Wolfsberger prediction for this match is 0: 1 with the home team Feyenoord considered the upper odds. With this rate, players will draw money when the home team Feyenoord has only 1 victory by 1 goal. Along with that, the odds of this match are 1.86 – 1.97 respectively.

Feyenoord vs Wolfsberger prediction: Feyenoord 0:1 FT


  • Feyenoord’s current matches are often very rare. According to the expert’s statistics, in the last 10 matches of the team, there are only 2 matches the player will bet on. With this statistic, this can be a remarkable piece of information for players who bet players can turn to faint.
  • For Wolfsberger, their matches different from Feyenoord’s statistics. In the last 10 matches, the Over player has won 6 matches with the presence of this club. Notably, in the last match of the team in the Austrian league, Over were 5 goals scored by Wolfsberger and against Rapid Vienna.
  • The dealer sets the odds for this match to be 3. At this rate, players will draw when the match has 3 goals scored. Along with that, the odds for Over/Under are 1.80 – 1.99 respectively.
  • Select: Under 3 FT

Feyenoord vs Wolfsberger prediction: Feyenoord 2-0 Wolfsberger

Feyenoord vs Wolfsberger Prediction


  • The dealer has also given the European odds for this match to be 1.44, 4.5, 5.75. These rates correspond to the results of the home team Feyenoord winning, drawing and losing in the upcoming match. According to Feyenoord vs Wolfsberger prediction, the home team Feyenoord’s win rate is very high with 65%, drawing 20%, losing 15%.
  • Select: Feyenoord FT


  • Feyenoord: Bijlow, Sven van Beek, Spajicm, Haps, Nieuwkoop, Toornstra, Kokcu, Carlos, Linssen, Diemers, Berghuis.
  • Wolfsberger: Koffler, Lochoshvili, Baumgartner, Novak, Scherzer, Leitgeb, Taferner, Wernitznig, Joveljic, Liendl, Dieng.