FK Zalgiris Vilnius vs NS Mura Prediction – Europa League – 08/12

FK Zalgiris Vilnius vs NS Mura prediction on August 12, 2021. FK Zalgiris Vilnius vs NS Mura will have a meeting in the third qualifying round of the Europa League second leg. The two teams hold each other with a score of 0 – 0 in the first leg, so the chance to progress is still divided equally for them.

FK Zalgiris Vilnius Overview

FK Zalgiris Vilnius vs NS Mura Prediction

NS Mura quickly showed their struggles, they went through the first 4 matches in the domestic league without a single win. Poor form and a draw against Zalgiris Vilnius on the home field probably comes as a necessity for the Slovenian representative. 

It can be said that now NS Mura’s opportunity to participate in the Europa League group stage is facing a huge obstacle and all will be determined based on their performance in the second leg.

NS Mura Overview

With Zalgiris Vilnius, getting a draw on the opponent’s field will definitely increase the confidence of the Lithuanian representative. In general, this team also had a performance that can be considered quite impressive when balancing both attack and defense. 

Unable to get the chance to attend the Champions League and the ticket to the Europa League group stage can be seen as somewhat consoling salvation if Zalgiris Vilnius can have a good match at their home in the second leg. The competition will witness a certain initiative of Zalgiris Vilnius, but there will not be too many goals.

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FK Zalgiris Vilnius vs NS Mura Prediction

Asian Bet – FK Zalgiris Vilnius vs NS Mura prediction

In terms of the strength of the two teams, it is clear that FK Zalgiris Vilnius is completely overwhelmed in terms of both the achievements and the people they possess. 

An even squad has depth and has played well together for many years while the away team is just a middleweight opponent in the tournament. Therefore, it is not difficult to realize that FK Zalgiris Vilnius will easily get a victory with an extremely overwhelming score when playing in his familiar place. The home team is always very scary for the teams in Europe bet.

FK Zalgiris Vilnius vs NS Mura Prediction: Choose FK Zalgiris Vilnius  0.25

European Bet

FK Zalgiris Vilnius vs NS Mura Prediction

Achievements in the European battlefield are tilted in favor of the home team when they are always the team going very deep in this tournament. At the same time, the tournament in which the two teams are fighting also shows that the current disparity is still quite large. 

FK Zalgiris Vilnius is a big team in Lithuania and above all in this tournament, they have a very high chance to rise to the championship. So with the home-field advantage, it is not too difficult for FK Zalgiris Vilnius to has an overwhelming win.

Choose FK Zalgiris Vilnius (FT)

Over/Under Bet – FK Zalgiris Vilnius vs NS Mura prediction

Won only 1 draw 3 in the last 10 matches and in the last 5 matches without knowing the smell of victory. NS Mura shows how bad his bad is. In terms of gameplay. NS Mura is too weak to play offensively against the opponent. Moreover, the visitors are facing many deadlocks in the attack. They have only scored 4 goals in the last 4 outings. Morale and low form show that it will be very difficult for them to enter this match.

FK Zalgiris Vilnius vs NS Mura Prediction: Choose Over 2


FK Zalgiris Vilnius: Edvinas Gertmonas, Ovidijus Verbickas, Saulius Mikoliunas, Nemanja Ljubisavljevic, Eldhaji Pape Djibril Diaw, Joel Bopesu, Ogenyi Onazi, Karolis Uzela, Francis Kyeremeh, Hugo Videmont, Jakub Sylvestr.

NS Mura: Matko Obradovic, Luka Bobicanec, Tomi Horvat, Zan Karnicnik, Matic Marusko, Jan Gorenc, Ziga Kous, Nino Kouter, Klemen Sturm, Mihael Klepac, Kai Cipot.