Football news today 14/08: FA Cup and League Cup rules changed

HOT football news today morning 14/8: The British Football Federation brings good football news today to the giants when changing the rules of the FA Cup and League Cup to help teams reduce the number of matches in the match schedule.

The FA changes the FA Cup and League Cup rules – Football news today

According to football news today from the British press, the English Football Federation (FA) has decided to change the rules of the FA Cup and the League Cup next season due to the influence of Covid-19. Accordingly, the FA Cup will drop the matches again when the two teams draw. Meanwhile, the semi-finals of the League Cup also removed the first and second leg format to reduce the work schedule for teams. In addition, the prize money for these two tournaments is also reduced significantly.

The FA Cup and League Cup will change the rules of the match next season Football news today 14/08
The FA Cup and League Cup will change the rules of the match next season

Ozil criticized the British media

In a recent interview, midfielder Mesut Ozil frankly criticized the British media when he repeatedly pointed his opinion about him. The midfielder said that “the press has tried to destroy his career in the past 2 years”. In addition, Ozil also explained that the reason he did not reduce his salary during Covid-19 was that the situation was not clear and he did not receive any specific instructions.

Simeone wanted to leave Atletico

The Daily Mail football news today revealed that coach Diego Simeone had intended to leave Atletico Madrid after losing in two Champions League finals to Real Madrid in 2014 and 2016. Even so, he changed his mind and remained with the team. ball until today. However, Simeone still feels pain when it comes to these two matches.

Liverpool launches a new shirt – Football news today

Recently, the Liverpool club launched a rather strange away kit for the 2019/20 season with the main background of blue. This kit is imprinted with many motifs inspired by the famous Shakhly gate at Anfield. The club captain, Jordan Henderson, is very interested in the new kit.

Malaysia wants to fix the “fire pan” of Shah Alam

Shah Alam Stadium is always considered a huge advantage of Malaysia when kicking at home with a capacity of more than 80,000 seats. According to Asean Football, Malaysia is looking to repair and upgrade the Shah Alam Stadium and is expected to cost about $ 60 million. If it goes according to plan, the completion time could be in 2023.

Barca made the condition MU signed Ousmane Dembele – Football news today

The Sport newspaper said that Barca is ready to let Ousmane Dembele come to Old Trafford this summer on a loan with the condition that MU must buy it off later, as part of a deal worth about £ 81 million.

To borrow Dembele this season, MU has to buy off after that

MU is still struggling with the injury history of this player, one of the reasons why Dembele struggled at the Nou Camp. However, Dembele is still an option in MU’s option B, in case the number 1 target cannot be purchased, Jadon Sancho from Dortmund.

Regarding the pursuit of Jadon Sancho, the Express source said that MU was all-in-one for this deal after the days of a deadlock price match with Dortmund.

This source confirmed, Vice Chairman Ed Woodward stopped all negotiations for other deals, to finish signing Jadon Sancho.

Man City accepts to lose Eric Garica

Eric Garica on the way to leave Man City
Eric Garica on the way to leave Man City

According to Spanish football news today expert, Guillem Balague, Man City accepted to see Eric Garcia leave this summer.

The Etihad Stadium team did not convince Garcia to sign a new contract. Instead, the defender wants to return to Barca as soon as possible.

In at least 1 month, Man City tried to negotiate with Garcia to extend the deadline, but the 21-year-old refused.

With the contract expiring next summer, Garcia wants Man City to sell him back to Barca in the coming days.