Gamba Osaka vs Shimizu S-pulse Prediction – J1 League – 04/18

Gamba Osaka vs Shimizu S-pulse prediction on April 18, 2021. Round 10 of the J1 League, at Suita City Football Stadium, Gamba Osaka players welcomed the guests from Shimizu S-pulse. This is a better chance for the home team to win, thereby escaping from the group holding the red light this season.

Gamba Osaka Overview

Gamba Osaka vs Shimizu S-pulse Prediction

Currently, the results on the rankings of both teams are very bad, especially from the home team. Currently, they have only played 4 matches and have won 2 points, an extremely poor achievement while the tournament has entered the 10th round. It is clear that the epidemic has had a very heavy impact on the Japanese football industry, and the J1 League are now racing against time in team scheduling.

Performance is something that both of you will have to improve on once the tournament returns after the pandemic. The home team in the opening 4 matches of the season has yet to win any victory for themselves, with 2 draws and 2 losses. Playing at home field in the next match, surely Usami and his teammates will play really determined to win their first victory in the new season.

Shimizu S-pulse Overview

Gamba Osaka vs Shimizu S-pulse Prediction

On the away side, they have played all of their 9 matches so far and have won 9 points, temporarily ranked 13th on the rankings. Certainly, this is an achievement that both teams are not desirable until the present time of the season.

The away team is also going through their unhappy days when they have been in the last 3 rounds, they do not know the smell of victory. In the last 5 matches in all competitions, they only got 2 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw. To improve the current position, Douglas and his teammates have no choice but to win against a home team that is not overestimated this season.

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Gamba Osaka vs Shimizu S-pulse Prediction

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In the last 5 encounters, Gamba Osaka won 3 wins and 1 draw and only lost 1 match, it can be seen that the home team is quite overwhelming in each encounter. With the current performance of Shimizu S-pulse when they do not have too many plans to attack and find goals, the fact that they have to be the away team in this turn, experts assess their ability to win is not available. Gamba Osaka with all kinds of factors is supporting them, predicting a good match and winning 3 points in this matchup.

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In terms of the achievements and the people that the two teams have at this stage, it is clear that Gamba Osaka is doing a lot better. The difference in qualifications is always a huge barrier for the away team to make a surprise, statistics show that when playing away, Shimizu S-pulse is always not appreciated, as evidenced by the fact that they only won 1 out of 8 matches here. Gamba Osaka has enough confidence as well as a home advantage for them to have a good posture and win.

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Despite their lower rankings, however, Gamba Osaka has always been rated as superior to the visitors both in terms of their people and their performance last season. Both teams have not been in high form recently, so choosing a style of play will definitely be preferred by the coach.

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Gamba Osaka:  Endo, Kurata, Higashiguchi, Suganuma, Gwon Kim, Fujiharu, Shoji, Yajima, Onose, Watanabe, Usami.

Shimizu S-Pulse: Takeuchi, Augusto, Nishizawa, Okubo, Matsubara, Futami, Yoshimoto, Tatsura, Kawai, Nakamura, Douglas.