Gangwon FC vs Jeju United Prediction – K-League 1 – 10/10

Gangwon FC vs Jeju United prediction on October 10, 2021. Gangwon FC vs Jeju United FC will have a meeting within the framework of the 33rd round of the Korean league. Winning against Seongnam with a score of 2 – 1, Jeju United FC is getting closer to the championship PlayOff ticket than ever before when the gap is only 2 points. Therefore, the desire to win in this match is very great, will they do well to get a favorable result?

Gangwon FC Overview

Gangwon FC vs Jeju United Prediction

The Gangwon FC home team is temporarily ranked in 11th place with only 30 points obtained after 32 rounds, they are standing close to the red light group and there is a great risk of relegation this season. This is an achievement that is considered quite bad for the team. According to statistics in the last 10 matches, they only won 2 draws 2 and lost 6 matches. 

And lost to the last 4/5 outings. At the same time, conceding 36 goals this season, Gangwon FC still shows that there are many loopholes in their defense. A game that is probably full of difficulties with form as well as a lack of cohesion at this stage.

Jeju United Overview

In contrast to the home team, there is a Jeju United FC that has had a strong rise in this second leg. In the last 5 away matches, coach Nam Ki-il’s men brought them 12 points. Thereby helping the team rise to 7th place in the standings with 41 points. 

The spirit is high, the game of Jeju United FC is also gradually becoming smoother. They are achieving a very good scoring performance with 2.5 goals/match in the past few rounds. Not only that, the focus and discipline have made the team keep a clean sheet of 3/5 recent appearances. Obviously, a victory is something that can be completely trusted by the team for the upcoming passenger trip.


Past Encounters

Latest Matches

Gangwon FC vs Jeju United Prediction

Asian Bet – Gangwon FC vs Jeju United Prediction

In 5 direct confrontations, Jeju United FC got 3 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss. Complete dominance in the past and the standing position of the two teams at the present time also speaks volumes about it. Jeju United FC proved to be superior and somewhat stronger than the home team. Not only that, the series of bad matches and lackluster gameplay is making Gangwon FC considered difficult to bring back even 1 point.

Gangwon FC vs Jeju United prediction: Choose Jeju United

European Bet

Gangwon FC vs Jeju United Prediction

Statistics show that the history of confrontation with Jeju United FC is completely superior to the opponent. Their current position is clearly much stronger than in the past. With an opponent that is considered to be quite weak and not in the top 4, it is believed that Jeju United FC will definitely win all 3 points in this match. Experts say their chances of winning are very high.

Choose Jeju United (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Gangwon FC vs Jeju United Prediction

The away team’s attack is extremely strong, Jeju United FC defeated the opponents with an overwhelming score in the last match. Their matches also appeared a lot of goals, specifically 4/5 matches exceeded 3 goals. With a somewhat unstable defense and one of the top teams that conceded the most goals in the tournament. Gangwon FC is not capable of fighting the away team.

Gangwon FC vs Jeju United prediction: Choose Over 2.25

Line up

Gangwon: Jung San, Rashid Mahazi, Kim Jun Yub, Kim Jeong Ho, Moon Ji Hwan, Yeon-su Kim, Kim Sung Ju,  Kim Do Hyuk, Kim Ho Nam, Olanrewaju Kehinde, Jun-seok Lee.

Jeju United: L. Chang-keun, Jovanovic, J. Woo-jae, P. Jin-po, K. Dong-woo, N. Jun-jae, K. Sun-hyeong, L. Chang-min, Y. Il-lok, S. Jin-su, M. Cruz.