Girona vs Albacete Prediction – La Liga 2 – 03/29/2021

Girona vs Albacete prediction on March 28, 2021. In the 31st round, Albacete had a trip to Girona’s pitch, ranked 8th in the standings. Struggling at the bottom of the table, it is not easy for Albacete to score in this difficult forecasted match.

Girona Overview

Girona vs Albacete Prediction

Recently in the framework of the 30th second round of Spain, the Girona players, despite having a poorer day than their opponents, only won a mere 47% of the ball control rate, got only 8 goals and in which only got 4 hits, even conceded first in the first half, but in the end the home team had a convincing mental run before this match. when successfully won 3 full points after a close 2-1 victory in the trip to the stadium of Las Palmas.

However, the home team is still not too subjective with a performance that is only at a safe level in the past time when it has received 2 defeats and the remaining 3 draws and only won 2 more battles over the last 7 rounds in total.

Albacete Overview

Girona vs Albacete Prediction

Albacete, despite having a poorer day than his opponent, only won a mere 41% of the ball control rate, created only 8 shots and among them only got 4 hits, but overall.

The visitors still have a convincing mental run before this match when they successfully won a separate victory with 2 goals without equalizing in the match to welcome FC Cartagena at home.

However, statistics show that the Albacete players also have a poor performance in the past when the away team was unable to win over a total of 6 consecutive rounds including 4 defeats and 2 draw matches.

Asian Bet – Girona vs Albacete prediction

Girona obviously appreciated it when they were always in the competition for promotion. 8 times they met recently, they overwhelmed with 5 wins and 1 defeat. Meeting Albacete at this point is a good opportunity for Girona to extend their impressive streak at Montilivi.

Girona’s home form offers peace of mind, 15 games returning 6 wins. It is worth mentioning that the achievement only conceded 10 times. In the opposite direction, although Albacete’s performance is showing positive signals, that was not enough, 15 away games suffered 9 defeats and 20 times in the net to pick up the ball. The limited squad quality leads to the unstable mentality of Albacete, while Girona is extremely stable.

Choose Girona

European Bet

Girona vs Albacete Prediction

The European handicap shows that the house is highly appreciated by the homeowner to win. What Girona has shown at Montilivi leaves this option in no doubt. The ability of Albacete to score very low when looking at their head-to-head record and away form.

Girona vs Albacete prediction: Choose Girona (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Girona vs Albacete prediction

Girona won 11 wins from the start of the season, with six coming home to join the top eight. With 42 points, Vilchez teachers and students continue to be a formidable opponent in the race to win the promotion playoff. The gameplay is extremely pragmatic, the defense is definitely special at home, only conceding 10 goals after 15 times to welcome opponents.

However, that means that they are not too prominent on the offensive front. The scoring performance of 0.87 per game this season is quite a modest number. With class and outstanding experience, it is not surprising if the next match ends with just enough difference.

Girona vs Albacete prediction: Choose Under