Gorodeya vs Energetik-BGU Minsk Prediction | 2020/08/03| Belarus

The reviews to the football Gorodeya vs Energetik-BGU Minsk Prediction in Belarus Vysshaya Liga about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

Gorodeya vs Energetik-BGU Minsk Prediction


  • Match date: 5:00 pm on Sunday 2nd August 2020
  • Event: Vysshaya Liga
  • Stage: Matchday 20th
  • Location: Gorodeya Stadium


Gorodeya vs Energetik-BGU Minsk Prediction


Gorodeya vs Energetik-BGU Minsk Prediction recommendation:

The string of unimpressive results in recent times is causing both Gorodeya and Energetik-BGU Minsk to suffer a lot of losses on the chart at the present time. So both teams will have to head to victory in the next round to be able to somewhat improve their performance. Will be a relatively dramatic and attractive competition.

O/U Gorodeya vs Energetik-BGU Minsk Prediction: 

  • FT 2.25 (odd 0.81 with Over and 0.93 with Under) HT 1 (odd 0.99 with Over and 0.73 with Under)
  • Having received 4 defeats in the last 6 rounds, it seems that Gorodeya is still going through a relatively arduous and arduous season this year. The homeowners’ cheating showed that they were only 19 points after 19 rounds with the 13th place on the table, 1 point higher than the red light group. More than ever Gorodeya will need to get stronger again if he doesn’t want to continue to slide for the rest of the season.
  • Meanwhile, with Energetik-BGU Minsk, the visitors are not much better when 3 consecutive defeats are also making this team appear to be relatively unstable. The overflowing in the game makes them only get 29 points after 19 rounds and have been outstripped by the top 3 to 5 points. Energetik-BGU Minsk will still need a lot of effort to get a positive result before Gorodeya this weekend. It will be a competition with a relatively tug of war and it is likely that there will not be too many goals scored.

The best Gorodeya vs Energetik-BGU Minsk Prediction:  

  • Under 1 HT
  • Under 2.25 FT

Asian handicap Gorodeya vs Energetik-BGU Minsk Prediction: 

  • Asian Handicap: FT Energetik-BGU Minsk accept 0.25 (Odd 0.84 with Energetik-BGU Minsk and 0.94 with Gorodeya) HT Energetik-BGU Minsk accept 0.25 (Odd 1.18 with Energetik-BGU Minsk and 0.62 with Gorodeya)
  • With their level, Energetik-BGU Minsk will be better than Gorodeya in this match with a handicap of 0.25. Obviously this will be an extremely fierce match when the recent weakness will force both teams to play hard to avoid further declines. Energetik-BGU Minsk will still need to improve their play especially their defending side. Meanwhile, with Gorodeya, the home team’s problem may lie in the ability to concentrate at sensitive times and often lose the decisive points. According to statistics, Gorodeya’s home record is also quite impressive with only 4 defeats in 12 matches played at his previous home. The number will really make Energetik-BGU Minsk will have to be afraid when the away team can only get 1 victory in 4 trips away from home in the past. Gorodeya is also not without the spirit that is more comfortable with that, the decline of Energetik-BGU Minsk will be the basis for the home team to find a satisfactory result for themselves.

Best  Gorodeya vs Energetik-BGU Minsk Prediction:  

  • Gorodeya +0.25 HT
  • Gorodeya +0.25 FT

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  • European odds are also a small advantage for the visitors when Energetik-BGU Minsk is at 1.86 while Gorodeya’s figure is 3.10. It will be a match with a relatively tense position when both teams will be willing to play fair with each other in search of results that are beneficial to them. There is no exclusion of an inability to win between the two.
  • Draw to win  FT

Gorodeya has had 4 victories in 6 clashes with the Energetik-BGU Minsk earlier with a win and a draw. So the home team will still have the facilities to be confident in this rematch. The fact that Energetik-BGU Minsk is also not really impressive will be a favorable condition for Gorodeya to be able to search for a result with at least a point in hand.

Predict the match score

  • H1 Gorodeya 0-0 Energetik-BGU Minsk
  • FK Gorodeya 0-0 Energetik-BGU Minsk Full Time