Greece vs Georgia Prediction – 2022 World Cup Qualifiers – 04/01/2021

Greece vs Georgia prediction on April 1, 2021. Greece vs Georgia will meet each other in the framework of the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. This is an opportunity for both teams to have a chance to score and improve their position when the opponents in this group are quite heavy. Greece has an extremely convincing debut when it draws Spain. Whether with home advantage, will Greece continue to win against Georgia not too strong or not?

Greece Overview

Greece vs Georgia Prediction

Greece is the team that is ranked 54th on the FIFA men’s football rankings with 1409 points obtained. The rankings show that they are just the team behind Spain and Sweden in terms of strength, but the remaining teams like Kosovo or Georgia are not their opponents. The last draw against the second-ranked team in Group B, Spain, also showed somewhat of the team’s strength. Greece’s international performance is extremely impressive with a series of 12 matches.

In these 12 matches, they only lost 1 match against Austria on October 8, 2020, in the framework of an international friendly tournament. The rest are either win or draw matches. This shows that Greek strength cannot be underestimated. Only having to meet a weak opponent and standing at the bottom of the table like Georgia is a better chance for Greece to rise above Group B. They need 3 points against this opponent and continue to calculate for the clash with two very strong opponents is Sweden and Spain.

Georgia Overview

Greece vs Georgia Prediction

Georgia is at bottom of Group B after losing to Sweden. This is completely understandable when they are only the 92nd-ranked team on the FIFA men’s football rankings. In terms of strength, they are the weak team in the group, so the clashes in Group B are a difficult challenge for them. Their international performance is also not good with a series of 6 consecutive games without winning. The meeting between them is that Greece comes here predicting the leaves will be extremely difficult.

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The open play style shown in this match will help both teams promote their strengths as well as reveal shortcomings thereby reinforcing the squad in a better way. Greece is in good form with the home advantage, guessing that Greece will have a better position than their opponents and a victory will inevitably come to them.

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European Bet – Greece vs Georgia prediction

Greece vs Georgia Prediction

The fact that there is a huge force correlation on both teams makes it very difficult to judge which team has the upper hand. But one thing that can be seen clearly before the game starts is that Greece will be the home team and at the same time they draw Spain, making the team morale very good, this advantage will be huge and important when both teams are evenly matched. Taking advantage of the home field advantage and playing focused competition will help Greece get a victory in this match.

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Over/Under Bet

A match that is quite important when getting 3 points will be a good chance for both of them to progress. Therefore, the display of a doubles match and the desire to have an early goal will be applied by both teams. A match with many goals appeared to promise to be an attractive confrontation.

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