Gremio vs Sao Paulo Prediction – Brasileiro Serie A – 12/02

Gremio vs Sao Paulo prediction on December 02, 2021. Highly determined, the fulcrum at home, Gremio is very confident in defeating Sao Paulo in the upcoming match. A win will help this team improve the ranking very significantly.

Gremio Overview

Gremio vs Sao Paulo Prediction

Obviously, although the upcoming opponent that Gremio faced was a very unpleasant name, they still believed in a victory. The above statement is completely valid when in the upcoming match Gremio is played at home, where this team always gets favorable results.

The statistics do not lie when Gremio is unbeaten in the last 3 home matches. In the above 3 matches, they won 2 and got 1 draw, in 2 of them, they kept a clean sheet. Obviously, compared to the previous period, the recent home performance of this team is very positive.

Sao Paulo Overview

When it comes to their performance against Sao Paulo at home, the results they have won are also very positive. Specifically, they won the last 4/5 times to welcome this opponent. Notably, 3 of them kept a clean sheet.

In the next match, Gremio will also have the strongest lineup. Gremio is one of the few teams in Serie A at the moment that is not at a disadvantage in terms of force. Meanwhile, Sao Paulo’s side is chipping in many positions. It is worth noting that Sao Paulo’s away record is quite bad when only winning the last 1/5 matches. Given the above situation, it was not surprising that they lost to Gremio.


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Gremio vs Sao Paulo Prediction

Asian Handicap – Gremio vs Sao Paulo Prediction

Certainly, when both Gremio and Sao Paulo could not choose a risky play, it is considered that the first half of today’s match will end without any goals being scored. By the second half, if Sao Paulo could not find Gremio’s weakness. Then surely, the home team would make 90 minutes of play today end without a goal. And in the Asian handicap, the host Gremio is the best investment choice in both the first and second half.

Gremio vs Sao Paulo prediction: 

  • Choose Gremio (HT)
  • Choose Gremio (FT)

European Bet

Gremio vs Sao Paulo Prediction

The European odds offered by the house are *(updating)* corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. With a lot of unfavorable statistics, Gremio will only need 1 point before Sao Paulo and Draw is the choice that receives a lot of priority in today’s 1×2 bet.

Choose Draw (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Gremio vs Sao Paulo Prediction

With the above information, it is certain that Gremio will not be able to choose a risky game. As for Sao Paulo, they also need to be careful when in their hand is the last ticket to attend Sudamericana. Even in the last 10 matches of Sao Paulo, experts only recorded 1 match for Over. So in today’s match, Under is the safest investment choice for fans in both the first and second half.

Gremio vs Sao Paulo prediction: 

  • Choose Under (HT)
  • Choose Under (FT)

Line up

Gremio: Everson, Allan, Franco, Guga, Alonso, Rever, Rabello, Arana, Savarino, Keno, Sasha.

Sao Paulo: Volpi, Shaylon, Vinicius, Alves, Miranda, Leo, Reinaldo, Sara, Rodrigo, Luciano, Rojas.