Guangzhou Fuli vs Jiangsu Suning Prediction |2020/08/09| Chinese League

The reviews to the football Guangzhou Fuli vs Jiangsu Suning prediction in Chinese Super League about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

Guangzhou Fuli vs Jiangsu Suning Prediction


  • Match date: 12:00 pm on Sunday 9th August 2020
  • Event: Chinese Super League
  • Stage: Matchday 4th
  • Location: Yuexiushan Stadium


Guangzhou Fuli vs Jiangsu Suning Prediction

Guangzhou Fuli vs Jiangsu Suning Prediction recommendation:

Victory over Dalian Pro in the last round helped Jiangsu Suning get the next 3 points for himself along with a certain breakthrough. And in the next round, just marching to the field of a Guangzhou Fuli facing many difficulties will continue to be an opportunity for the visitors to find more favorable results for them.

O/U Prediction: 

  • FT 2.75 (odd 0.74 for Over and 1.05 for Under) HT 1.25 (odd 0.99 for Over and 0.73 for Under)
  • 3 points gained against Dalian Pro helped Jiangsu Suning temporarily return to 2nd place with 7 points owned after 3 rounds. They are temporarily 2 points away from the top 1 and when the season has just started, the chance for the team from To Ninh to have a breakthrough is still there. This is when Jiangsu Suning needs to continue to maintain stability in the next matches.
  • Meanwhile, with Guangzhou Fuli, the home team is still facing many difficulties in the past when the first three rounds of the series cannot know the smell of victory, of which 2 defeats are not a bad result. worse and it is also the cause for the decline that this team is suffering at the moment. Having to welcome Jiangsu Suning in the next round will still be a huge challenge for Guangzhou Fuli. It will be a match against the posture where the visitors will be somewhat overwhelmed and likely to have quite a few goals scored.

The best Guangzhou Fuli vs Jiangsu Suning Prediction:  

  • OVER 1.25 HT
  • OVER 2.75 FT

Asian handicap Guangzhou Fuli vs Jiangsu Suning Prediction

  • Asian Handicap: FT Jiangsu Suning FC handicap 0.5 (Odd 0.81 against Jiangsu Suning FC and 1.02 against Guangzhou Fuli FC) HT Jiangsu Suning FC handicap 0.25 (Odd 0.89 against Jiangsu Suning FC and 0.85 with Guangzhou Fuli FC)
  • With his level, Jiangsu Suning is still a team that is more appreciated than Guangzhou Fuli in this match through a 0.5 handicap. Obviously, the home team is still playing quite smoothly will be a good opportunity for the guests to take advantage of and continue their momentum. Guangzhou Fuli will need to improve a lot if it does not want to sink deeply in the future when the defense is too superficial while the attack shows that the deadlock brings too many disadvantages to them. One advantage that Jiangsu Suning can exploit is that the visitors still have enough people to cause many difficulties for their opponents. In addition, Jiangsu Suning’s away record is also very stable with 4 victories obtained in 5 previous trips away from home. The number is enough to make Guangzhou Fuli wary, especially when the home team has received 5 defeats in 8 matches played at their home in the past. Mental advantage and human resources will help Jiangsu Suning have an active position against Guangzhou Fuli and it is likely that victory will be won in the upcoming match.

Best Guangzhou Fuli vs Jiangsu Suning Prediction:  

  • Jiangsu Suning -0.25 HT
  • Jiangsu Suning -0.5 FT

1×2 Prediction

  • The European odds are also a small advantage for the visitors when Jiangsu Suning’s food is 1.68 while Guangzhou Fuli is 3.75. It will be a match with a relatively tug of war when both teams will be willing to play fair against each other in search of favorable results. And with certain advantages, it is likely that Jiangsu Suning will still be the name that will have the ultimate joy.
  • Jiangsu Suning to win FT

Jiangsu Suning has 3 wins in 5 previous clashes with Guangzhou Fuli. So the away team has a perfect base to be confident in this rematch while the advantage is still in their hands. The fact that Guangzhou Fuli is under so much pressure, along with not playing really well, will be an advantage that Jiangsu Suning can take advantage of and find a beneficial result.

Predict the Scores:

  • H1 Guangzhou Fuli FC 0-2 Jiangsu Suning FC
  • Guangzhou Fuli FC 1-3 Jiangsu Suning FC Full TIme