Guangzhou R&F vs Shenzhen Prediction | CSL | 08/29

The match review to the football Guangzhou R&F vs Shenzhen prediction in Chinese Super League about the competing teams’ current performances and their current matches, the detailed stats of the qualities, upcoming match H2H matches, goal stats, table standings ranking, and possible match results. The Guangzhou R&F vs Shenzhen prediction should all be considered to put down an effective wager on this match.

Guangzhou R&F vs Shenzhen prediction


  • Match date: 10:00 am on Saturday 29th August 2020
  • Event: Chinese Super League
  • Stage: Matchday 8th
  • Location: Yuexiushan Stadium


Guangzhou R&F vs Shenzhen prediction




  • In the 8th match of the Chinese Super League, Shenzhen will have a trip to the Guangzhou R&F stadium.
  • Guangzhou R&F has just accumulated 3 more points after a dramatic 3-2 victory in the field of Shanghai Shenhua. The gap between them and the team that made it to the finals has been narrowed to 3 points. Currently, Guangzhou R&F is ranked 6th in the standings with 7 points gained after 6 rounds. However, Guangzhou R&F is facing heavy criticism as their defense is most loose in the tournament, having suffered 13 goals. Along with that, the construction goods lacked creativity when they had only 5 goals.
  • Right above the home team is Shenzhen when they both get 7 points but the difference is better by winning or losing. However, their spirit of play was not as enthusiastic as the home team when they had just divided points on Jiangsu Suning’s ground. Shenzhen’s defensive playstyle has not brought many positive results as their goals are equal to those of Guangzhou R&F. However, in front of a direct competitor to reach the next round, Shenzhen will strive to assert itself.
  • Guangzhou R&F with a comfortable mindset and home advantage in hand will try to dominate the game on the pitch. However, their lack of mutations can hardly achieve their goal. Meanwhile, Shenzhen has a sharp and extremely sharp front line. The 3-0 victory in the first leg showed the great strength of the visitors. However, Guangzhou R&F’s home ground is a pitfall destination for Shenzhen when it has failed on its last two visits. Therefore, it is highly likely that the first half will take place in a tit-for-tat and the goal will come to both teams.

Guangzhou R&F vs Shenzhen prediction:

  • H1 score odds: Guangzhou R&F 1-1 Shenzhen
  • H1 Asian Handicap: updating
  • H1 Over/Under: updating
  • H1 European bet: Draw HT


  • Guangzhou R&F just got their second win in a row, before that they had to experience a series of 5 consecutive draws and losses. However, the home team’s attackers still play without fire when they have only 5 goals/the last 5 matches. Meanwhile, their defense is loosely linked when he conceded 10 goals in the last 5 matches. Their home form is also not quite good with only 1 victory/5 last matches.
  • In the opposite direction, Shenzhen is clearly showing instability in the gameplay when they only get 1 win/5 last matches (3 lose 1 draw). The attackers began to show signs of decline when they had only 6 goals/last 5 matches. Meanwhile, their defense played superficially when they conceded 10 goals in the last 5 matches. Their away form proved pathetic with 10 consecutive draws and losses.
  • The efforts of Guangzhou R&F and Shenzhen on attack could not compensate for the holes in their defense. Even when playing at home, Guangzhou R&F does not end up while Shenzhen is really weak on away field. Along with that, the confrontation history shows that the level of the two sides is not much different when Shenzhen won 4 and Guangzhou R&F won 3 out of the last 10 meetings. So a tie would be appropriate for the current context.

Guangzhou R&F vs Shenzhen prediction:

  • FT score odds: Guangzhou R&F 1-1 Shenzhen
  • FT Asian Handicap: updating
  • FT Over/Under: updating
  • FT European bet: Draw FT


  • Guangzhou R&F: Jiaqi Han, Songyi Li, Teng Ti, Zhechao Chen, Miao Tang, Dembele, Bo Jin, Gong Zhang, Renatinho, Chun Lok Tan, Zahavi.
  • Shenzen Ruby: Guo Wei – Lu Haidong, Ge Zhen – Li Yuanyi, Zhou Xin, O. Selnes, Zu Pengchao, Wang Peng, Jin Qiang – H. Preciado, J. Mary.