Hannover 96 vs Jahn Regensburg Prediction – Bundesliga 2 – 04/21

Hannover 96 vs Jahn Regensburg prediction on April 21, 2021. The Bundesliga 2 currently has 18 clubs participating, so it will last until the 34th round is to end. The situation on the rankings has not changed much when the majority of the top teams in round 29 have got favorable results. The two teams that lost in this round, Hannover 96 and Jahn Regensburg, will meet at HDI Arena on April 21st.

Hannover 96 Overview

Hannover 96 vs Jahn Regensburg Prediction

After 28 rounds, Hannover only got 36 points and is currently ranked 11th on the rankings. Currently, Hannover is 10 points ahead of the bottom teams, and 15 points behind the Top 3 teams, but playing less than 1 game the chance for them to level the gap with the top group is no longer there. 

Hannover’s recent performance has pretty much declined, making the team morale go down. The next match with home advantage and changing opponents is much weaker, so 3 points are what the homeowner is looking for now.

Jahn Regensburg Overview

Jahn Regensburg is also only 13th on the chart. With 34 points obtained after 28 rounds, Jahn Regensburg is 8 points higher than the group holding the red light, so this is considered a quite safe position for the away team at this time. Recently the away team has not had a good performance when they constantly receive defeats. The next match must be marched away from home so it is difficult for them to get good results for them.


Hannover 96 vs Jahn Regensburg Prediction

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Hannover 96 vs Jahn Regensburg Prediction

Asian Bet – Hannover 96 vs Jahn Regensburg prediction

For Hannover, it does not matter whether they are promoted or not because this team has had a long enough time playing in the Bundesliga so they know where they are located.

In the Bundesliga meeting a team playing at a higher level, Werder Bremen, the home team quickly said goodbye after receiving a 0-3 defeat. A 3-4 defeat against the top team Bochum was Kenan Kocak’s 12th teacher and student. In addition, during the 28-round process, this team also managed to get 10 wins with 6 draws. 

The 1-3 defeat against the fourth-ranked opponent Heidenheim is nothing to blame in the current context, but letting the team that is at the bottom of the table with a poor record surpassing Wurzburger Kickers is no excuse. In the last 5 matches played at home, Hannover has only drawn and lost results.

Hannover 96 vs Jahn Regensburg Prediction: Choose Jahn Regensburg 0.5

European Bet

Hannover 96 vs Jahn Regensburg Prediction

The two clubs will have stressful moments when they are both defeats in the previous round. This is a sensitive time as the tournament has started to reach the final rounds so all teams will be wary. If you do not hold all 3 points, the best solution is to draw.

Choose Draw (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Hannover 96 vs Jahn Regensburg prediction

There are only 3 goals in the 3 rare encounters between the two clubs. Most of the goals that Hannover has come from playing at home, but it is not easy to score goals against opponents in this match. Although the away team Regensburg was not good at attacking, their defense system was highly valued by professionals in this tournament.

Hannover 96 vs Jahn Regensburg Prediction: Choose Under 2.5


Hannover 96: Haraguchi, Jannes Horn,  Zieler, Elez, Hubers, Anton, Jung, Kaiser, Teuchert, Maina, Guidetti.

Jahn Regensburg: A. Niklas Meyer, C. Chima Okoroji, M. Correia, S. Nachreiner, O. Hein, E. Wekesser, M. Besuschkow, B. Gimber, S. Stolze, C. Makridis, M. Gruttner.