Haugesund vs Rosenborg Prediction |26/07/2020| Eliteserien

The reviews to the football Haugesund vs Rosenborg prediction in Norway Eliteserien about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

Haugesund vs Rosenborg Prediction


  • Match date: 6:30 pm on Sunday 26th July 2020
  • Event: Eliteserien
  • Stage: Matchday 10th
  • Location: Haugesund Stadion


Haugesund vs Rosenborg Prediction


Haugesund vs Rosenborg Prediction recommendation:

The extremely positive results in recent times are helping Rosenborg quickly get a strong breakthrough in the current rankings. And in the next round, marching to the field of a not so stable Haugesund will be an opportunity for the visitors to extend their uplifting days.

O/U Haugesund vs Rosenborg Prediction: 

  • O/U: FT 2.5 (odd 0.95 with Big and 0.95 with Small) HT 1 (odd 0.93 with Big and 0.95 with Small)
  • 6 consecutive unbeaten rounds in recent times is showing a huge sublimation Rosenborg is showing now after a relatively slow early stage when with 15 points after 9 rounds, they quickly approach the position. 3rd on Valerenga’s chart when the gap is only 1 point. Obviously this will be a great motivation for the visitors and Rosenborg will need to maintain his sublimation in the remaining matches of his.
  • Meanwhile, with Haugesund, 4 rounds did not know the smell of victory, in which 3 defeats showed a big decline in the form of the home team, they are having to stay in the 13th position in the rankings. with 8 points in a possession, 1 point more than red light areas. Having to march on a sublime Rosenborg in the next round will continue to be a challenge for Haugesund. It will be a match against the game where the home team is overwhelming and likely to have many goals scored.

The best  Haugesund vs Rosenborg Prediction:   

  • OVER 1 HT
  • OVER 2.5 FT

Asian handicap Prediction: 

  • Asian handicap: FT Rosenborg accept 0.25 (Odd 0.96 with Rosenborg and 0.96 with Haugesund) HT Rosenborg accept 0.25 (Odd 1.21 with Rosenborg and 0.70 with Haugesund)
  • With his level, Rosenborg is still the team that is better than Haugesund in this match through the handicap of 0.25. In general, the home team is playing too poorly, which will make the opportunity for them to play fair with the visitors is very difficult. Rosenborg is still showing an extremely effective play when strong in attack, when needed they can also actively play lurking in front of their opponents. A real threat to Haugesund is especially when the home team is showing signs of falling too big. In addition, Rosenborg is also maintaining an impressive away field performance when they have only received 1 defeat in 6 trips away from home in the past. The number is enough to make Haugesund the most nervous as this team can only win 1 of the 8 matches played at its previous home.

Best  Haugesund vs Rosenborg Prediction:   

  • Rosenborg -0.25 HT
  • Select Rosenborg -0.25 FT

European Haugesund vs Rosenborg

  • European markets are also a small advantage for the visitors when the level of Rosenborg is 2.19 while that of Haugesund is 3.10. It will be a match with a relatively tense position when both teams will be willing to play fair with each other in search of results that are beneficial to them. And with certain advantages, it is likely that Rosenborg will still be the last name to have fun.
  • Choose Rosenborg to win over HT

Haugesund vs Rosenborg scores

Rosenborg will certainly still not forget that he lost both matches against Haugesund last season. So the visitors will be even more determined at this rematch when the advantage is still in their hands. Making good use of Haugesund still playing well will help Rosenborg get what they need.

  • H1 Haugesund 0-1 Rosenborg
  • H2 Haugesund 1-2 Rosenborg