Heidenheim vs VfL Bochum Prediction – Bundesliga 2 – 04/21

Heidenheim vs VfL Bochum prediction on April 21, 2021. Opportunities are running out for teams in Bundesliga 2 when there are only 5 rounds left and the tournament will end. 

Urgency is at the highest level because there are only 2 direct tickets to the Bundesliga next season while the 3rd ranked team has to kick playoff so the chances will be more difficult. Bochum football club is a leading contender for this year’s championship trophy and their upcoming rival is also a pretty hard name Heidenheim.

Heidenheim Overview

Heidenheim vs VfL Bochum Prediction

FC Heidenheim, although highly appreciated for the promotion ticket this season, this team did not do that, after 29 rounds they only earned 48 points and came in 4th place on the standings. They are inferior to the top 3 with a 2 point gap but have more than 1 match. Chances are still with the host but they need to try harder. The next match is against a team that is leading on the rankings, so it is difficult for the away team to get good results for themselves.

VfL Bochum Overview

Heidenheim vs VfL Bochum Prediction

The fact that Bochum lost the last round, created conditions for the second-ranked team to shorten the gap to 6 points. Currently, this team has 57 points after 29 rounds, 6 points higher than the 2nd place but they have played more than 1 match. 

The chances of winning a promotion ticket are open to the away team at this moment. The away team needs to play cautiously and make more chances. In the next match, even though we have to play away from home, the opponent is not strong, so this is an opportunity for the away team to win.


Past Encounters

Heidenheim vs VfL Bochum Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Heidenheim vs VfL Bochum prediction

In Bundesliga 2, Thomas Reis’ team is getting the most victories with 18 times enjoying the joy of all 3 points. The number of draws this team has quite modestly is 3, so it pushed the number of defeats to 8.

The 4-3 win over Hannover in the previous round really made the fans heart-pounding. During the trip to the previous round, Bochum was easily surpassed by the team in the middle of the rankings, Paderborn, with a bold 3-0 score.

Bochum already knew the opponent they had to face, they overcame Heidenheim in the last 4 times without any problems. One more thing is that both Heidenheim’s home defeats are appearing recently.

Heidenheim vs VfL Bochum Prediction: Choose VfL Bochum

European Bet

Heidenheim vs VfL Bochum Prediction

Although the recent matches are no longer as favorable as in the past because this is a sprint stage, Bochum is still asserting his position with the top position. In an extremely important match like this against rival Heidenheim – a team in the top 4, Bochum will be more determined to take all 3 points.

Choose VfL Bochum (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Heidenheim vs VfL Bochum prediction

Bochum alone in the last 5 encounters has scored 12 goals against the opponent’s net. The host Heidenheim almost certainly has to switch state to attack to play fair with your team when the away team Bochum has players who have both good speed and finish but the downside is in the defense.

Heidenheim vs VfL Bochum Prediction: Choose Over 2.75


Heidenheim: Schnatterer, Griesbeck, Eicher, Beermann, Busch, Mainka, Theuerkauf, Biankadi, Dorsch, Thomalla, Schmidt.

VfL Bochum: Zingerle, Jans, Strohdiek, Hunemeier, Collins, Gjasula, Vasiliadis, Proger, Srbeny, Zulj, Zoller