Holstein Kiel vs St Pauli Prediction – Bundesliga 2 – 05/07

Holstein Kiel vs St Pauli prediction on May 07, 2021. Holstein Kiel is playing at their home field in the next round of tournament 2. The Bundesliga 2020/21, their goal must definitely be a victory if they want to quickly return to the group to compete for promotion. However, that goal is very difficult when Holstein Kiel has to welcome FC St. Pauli.

Holstein Kiel Overview

Holstein Kiel vs St Pauli Prediction

Holstein Kiel has clearly been playing very poorly over the past few years in the 2020/21 season. After the regular game loss points in 2. Bundesliga, recently Holstein Kiel was eliminated in the semi-finals of the DFB-Pokal with a 0-5 defeat against Borussia Dortmund. Obviously self-determination at 2. The Bundesliga is still in the hands of Holstein Kiel when despite falling to 5th place, they still have 3 games that have not played less than their opponents. However, if Holstein Kiel is still playing with this momentum, it is difficult for them to return to the top 2.

St Pauli Overview

Holstein Kiel vs St Pauli Prediction

FC St. Pauli is also doing an effortful acceleration in the sprint phase of the season. The steady wins are helping them to continuously improve their rankings and close the gap significantly with the group above. Apparently FC St. chance to join the top 3. Pauli is not tall when the season is about to end, but there is no reason that can stop them from fighting and dreaming of a miracle that will happen.


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Holstein Kiel vs St Pauli Prediction

Asian Bet – Holstein Kiel vs St Pauli prediction

St Pauli’s efforts in recent times have not been enough for them to hope for the top 3. The Millerntor-Stadion home team is still 5 points away from the play-off position while the tournament has only 3 rounds to lower the curtain. The last three times as a guest on Kiel’s field, coach Timo Schultz and his team have all failed. They will have to fight with more than 100% strength to get at least 1 point in this match.

Holstein Kiel vs St Pauli Prediction

  • Choose Holstein Kiel (HT)
  • Choose Holstein Kiel – 0.25 (FT)

European Bet

Holstein Kiel vs St Pauli Prediction

It is not too surprising that the history of confrontation is in favor of Kiel when the home team has won 3 wins and 1 draw in the last 5 matches. 3 more points will help them climb to 3rd place and put great pressure on the two teams above, so coach Ole Werner is very determined in this confrontation.

Choose Holstein Kiel (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Holstein Kiel vs St Pauli prediction

27 goals lost after 28 rounds to help Kiel still be the team with the best defense of the tournament. However, the home team Holstein Stadion proved to be quite deadlocked in the attack. Their best striker, Alexander Muhling, has only got 10 goals and has stunned in the last 4 matches. Losing a lot in recent rounds will cause coach Ole Werner’s team to slow down instead of pushing up the squad from the start. It is likely that Kiel will take the home field and wait for the opponent to make a mistake.

Holstein Kiel vs St Pauli Prediction:

  • Choose Under 1.25 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2.75 (FT)


Holstein Kiel: Dehm, Meffert, Mühling, Gelios, Lorenz, Wahl, van den Bergh, Lee, Porath, Bartels, Mees.

FC St. Pauli: Paqarada, Ole Becker, Stojanović, Ohlsson, Ziereis, Lawrence, Benatelli, Martínez, Kyereh, Burgstaller, Marmoush.