Honka vs HJK Helsinki Prediction | Veikkausliiga | 09/20

Honka vs HJK Helsinki is a confrontation that will take place at 12:00 pm on September 20. This is a match in the first round of the Finland National Park – Veikkausliiga. Honka vs HJK Helsinki prediction will provide in-depth suggestions, analyze the performance of the two teams before the match so that you can choose the standard team for yourself.

Honka vs HJK Helsinki Prediction


  • Match date: 12:00 pm on Sunday 20th September 2020
  • Event: Veikkausliiga
  • Stage: Matchday 16th
  • Location: Tapiolan Urheilupuisto






  • Even though the team has failed at least up to now, having only lost 1 match after 14 rounds. However, Honka still does not have a really good position in the standings, so far the home team is still standing at 4th place after the last few rounds. The reason comes from ineffective attackers when they are the team with the least goals in the top 8. Therefore, it is not easy for Honka to have a good posture in welcoming HJK Helsinki this time.
  • Honka is performing erratically lately. Specifically, they won 3 and lost 2 in the last 5 appearances. Although the attackers are playing hard when scoring 4/5 matches, the reason comes from the defense when they cannot keep 4/5 matches clean. Returning home, Honka’s performance was not much better when they only won 2/5 of the last opening to welcome guests (2 draws, 1 loss).


  • HJK Helsinki has returned to the championship race in Finland’s top division. Victory over llves Tampere helps HJK Helsinki keep the top spot. However, with 33 points in the hands of HJK ​​Helsinki, it was only 2 points away from the chasing team. So the goal that coach Toni Koskela and his students interested in tonight’s match is definitely 3 points.
  • HJK Helsinki is maintaining stability in their playstyle and their form is very high when they won the last 4/5 matches. The attack line of the away team exploded when they got 14 goals / last 5 matches. Meanwhile, their defense conceded 6 goals in the last 5 matches. The away form of HJK ​​Helsinki is making the opponents fear with a similar winning scenario.



  • The Over/Under for the first half is set to be 1.0 by the Asian bookie with a rate of 0.85 and 0.97 for Over and Under respectively. Honka under the hands of coach Vesa Vasara at that time showed a solid game with the most solid defense in the tournament when only 9 times conceded. In the next match, a safe game is indispensable for the home team. Thereby, most likely the first 45 minutes to end without any goals scored. A safe choice is Under for the first half.

Honka vs HJK Helsinki prediction

  • H1 score odds: Honka 0-0 HJK Helsinki
  • H1 Asian Handicap: HJK Helsinki +0
  • H1 Over/Under: Under
  • H1 European Bet: Draw HT


  • The whole match handicap is determined by the Asian dealer to be 0.25 with the away team. The rising form of HJK ​​Helsinki is unlikely for coach Vesa Vasara’s team to stop them in this match. However, both are determined to give themselves 3 points in this match, so the game will be more open in the second half. However, the attack of HJK ​​Helsinki is having a better sense of scoring and ability. High potential HJK Helsinki will get yourself a goal fixing the final score for this match.
Honka vs HJK Helsinki Prediction
  • The odds of Over/Under the whole game are set by the Asian bookie to be 2.5 with a rate of 0.99 and 0.89 for Over /Under respectively. The confrontation history of two degrees is usually safe when there are up to the last 4/6 games ending with no more than 2 goals per game. At the same time, the active defensive play of the home team makes Under of the next match even more possible. Choose Under 2.5 is reasonable.

Honka vs HJK Helsinki prediction:

  • FT score odds: Honka 0-1 HJK Helsinki
  • FT Asian Handicap: HJK Helsinki -0.25
  • FT Over/Under: Under
  • FT European Bet: HJK Helsinki FT


  • FC Honka: Murray, Baah, Ivanov, Sumusalo, Rasimus, Torres, Tammileho, Hakola, Gonzalez, Kaufmann, Silva.
  • HJK Helsinki: Rudakov, Obilor, Rafinha, Toivomaki, Alho, Kairinen, Dahlstrom, Lappalainen, Mensah, Riski, Vertainen.