Huesca vs Athletic Club Prediction – La Liga – 05/13/2021

Huesca vs Athletic Club prediction on May 13, 2021. SD Huesca lost the last 4/5 rounds and dropped to the group holding the red light, the risk of relegation was very close. Their opponent in the 36th round, Athletic Bilbao, is ranked 9th with 9 consecutive unbeaten rounds. Despite having home advantage, this is expected to be a difficult match for the home team El Alcoraz.

Huesca Overview

Huesca is a rookie in this tournament, so it is not difficult to realize that this team is not playing well, they are ranked 18th in the standings with 30 points obtained after 35 rounds and only inferior to the safety team ranked above just by 1 point. Huesca entered the match tonight with the mind to win to be able to escape from the dangerous position at this time. While the opponent has run out of goals to play, the chances of winning are quite bright at the moment.

Athletic Club Overview

Athletic Bilbao, despite trying very hard, but the effort to finish in the position to participate in the Europa League next season is not much when they are currently 46 points and ranked 9th on the standings 5 points behind Betis, but played more than 1 match. Even if they win in the remaining rounds, the chances of the visitors being in the top are not much. Currently, the motivation to play is no longer than the next round, so it is difficult for them to get good results.


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Asian Bet – Huesca vs Athletic Club prediction

Athletic Bilbao is extremely stable with 9 consecutive unbeaten rounds, recently they beat Sevilla 1-0 on the away field. On their side, Huesca was increasingly out of breath, losing to Cadiz was the 4th loss in the last 5 rounds. More troubling is the poor home record, 17 Huesca matches only 4 wins but 7 losses.

Despite having home advantage, it is difficult to expect positive results for coach Pacheta and his men. With strong promotion momentum, 3 points for Athletic Bilbao is a wise choice.

Huesca vs Athletic Club Prediction: Choose Athletic Bilbao +0

European Bet

The European bet shows that the dealer highly appreciates Huesca’s chance of winning. This choice is potentially risky because Athletic Bilbao’s recent performance is too convincing. Huesca will even pay a heavy price if they still play erratically as in the previous period.

Choose Athletic Bilbao (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Huesca vs Athletic Club prediction

Athletic Bilbao won 8 points in the last 4 rounds, rose to 9th place. Always ranked in the European Cup group, this season also reached the King’s Cup final, undeniably the quality of the squad, and Bilbao’s play was superior to their opponent. Success was built on a solid defense, conceding only 38 times since the beginning of the season and kept clean sheets in the last 3/6 rounds. 

On 17 matches away, strikers contributed 17 goals, the last 4 matches did not have more than 2 goals, showing the practicality of this team. The tight game but the willingness to punish the opponent’s mistake is Athletic Bilbao’s forte.

Huesca vs Athletic Club Prediction: Choose Under 2.25


SD Huesca: Camarasa, Fejsa, Roberto, Navarro, Laguardia, Ely, Duarte, Aguirregabiria, Méndez, Burke, Vidal.

Athletic Bilbao: Balenziaga, Vesga, Garcia, Marcos, Simon, Ander Capa, Alvarez, Martínez, Muniain, Morcillo, Raul Garcia.