IFK Goteborg vs Elfsborg Prediction – Allsvenskan – 07/05

IFK Goteborg vs Elfsborg prediction on July 05, 2021. IFK Goteborg is still considered one of the most powerful football teams in Sweden. But obviously, right now, the team is not playing well at all.

IFK Goteborg Overview

IFK Goteborg vs Elfsborg Prediction

IFK Goteborg is not appreciated in Allsvenskan, this team is just a mid-range team and the results this team has obtained at the moment are also saying that. Currently, through the first 8 rounds, they only got 1 win, drew 6 matches, and lost 1 match. 

It can be seen that they only focus on defending, so the recent draw results cannot help the team improve much in terms of strength. Currently, with 9 points, the host is currently only 10th in the rankings. In this match, the opponent is much more appreciated, so it is difficult for the host to find a victory.

Elfsborg Overview

IF Elfsborg had a bad first match of the season but this team quickly regained its image with victories that helped them climb to the top of the rankings at the moment. Currently, after 9 rounds, they have got 13 points and temporarily stand in 3rd place on the rankings. The achievement they have after 4 wins 1 draw and 4 losses. 

The away team has achieved positive results recently, the next match only has to march to the opponent’s field not too strong, so the goal of the host will be to win all 3 points for themselves.


Past Encounters

IFK Goteborg vs Elfsborg Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – IFK Goteborg vs Elfsborg prediction

Elfsborg won 1-0 Norrkoping in the last round of Allsvenskan. In the last 4 matches in Allsvenskan, the away team lost 2 but also won 2. Elfsborg’s performance is not too high, but it is also much more stable than the home team.

Elfsborg has now played 9 matches in the Swedish league, they have 4 wins and 1 draw. Elfsborg now has 13 points, is in TOP 4 on the rankings, and is determined to race with the leading group. In a time when Goteborg is not playing well, Elfsborg can completely win a victory on the opponent’s field.

IFK Goteborg vs Elfsborg Prediction

  • Choose Elfsborg (HT)
  • Choose Elfsborg (FT)

European Bet

IFK Goteborg vs Elfsborg Prediction

10 encounters in head-to-head history: IFK Goteborg vs Elfsborg: IFK Goteborg has 2 wins, Elfsborg also has 2 wins and 6 matches with a draw. It can be seen that the strength between IFK Goteborg and Elfsborg is quite balanced. However, at this time, IFK Goteborg, despite having the home-field advantage, is playing quite badly. While Elfsborg was racing against the top group.

Choose Elfsborg (FT)

Over/Under Bet – IFK Goteborg vs Elfsborg prediction

In the last 4 clashes between IFK Goteborg vs Elfsborg, all 4 net matches had only 2 goals or less. 3 matches in which the net vibrated only 1 goal or less. In particular, the last 2 matches did not even have a goal scored. It can be seen that the confrontations between IFK Goteborg and Elfsborg often take place in a tight game and do not have many goals.

IFK Goteborg vs Elfsborg Prediction:

  • Choose Over 0.75 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2.5 (FT)


IFK Goteborg: Calisir, Wernersson, Anestis, Toko, Da Graca, Eriksson; Abraham, Erlingmark, Abdullahi, Soder, Kharaishvilli

IF Elfsborg: M. Jarjué, J. Okumu , S. Holmén , F. Holst , T. Rönning, J. Larsson, S. Strand, A. Rømer, R. Alm , J. Okkels , M. Ndione