Israel vs Scotland Prediction – World Cup Qualifier – 03/29/2021

Israel vs Scotland prediction on March 29, 2021. The draw continues to bring Israel and Scotland together in Group F in the World Cup qualifying round. This is the 4th time they have met in just 1 year and the balance is always maintained. With an unpredictable situation in Group F, 1 point now can satisfy both teams.

Israel Overview

Israel vs Scotland Prediction

Playing at home in the next match, Israel can be confident when it has won 3 victories, 2 draws, and only lost 2 through the last 7 welcoming matches. Remember the last match played in my home was also the victory against Scotland. On the opponent’s side, having to march away from Scotland is not too worried because they have won 5 wins and only lost 2 of the last 7 away matches.

Israel played successfully for over a year, they went to the playoff Euro qualifiers and lost to Scotland itself. In the Nations League, however, Israel repaid the debt with a 1-0 home win.

The defensive counter-attacking style under Elisha Levy is suitable for the current people, their last 3/5 matches did not have more than 1 goal. This will be the match Israel must be more careful with, especially when the performance of the last 9 matches 0.9 is quite modest. Not surprising if Israel brings a pragmatic face in the next match.

Scotland Overview

Israel vs Scotland Prediction

Scotland, after 24 years of waiting to be present in the final round of a major tournament, also owns a squad with many names playing in the Premier League.

Under the reign of Stephen Clarke, the UK team has been strongly revived for more than a year. Passed the Euro qualifiers despite being in the same group as Belgium and Russia, excelling in the two playoff matches to beat Serbi.

Extremely solid in defense and pragmatic whenever he gets an advantage. The last 5 victories are all with a minimal difference for efficiency and stability. However, Scotland will have to be very wary when they just lost in Israel four months ago.

Asian Bet – Israel vs Scotland prediction

Neither Israel nor Scotland have ever done well in the World Cup qualifiers. The last time Scotland participated in this playground was in 1998 and with Israel was in 1970. Therefore, both will be very determined for the next match. In terms of form as well as the quality of the squad, Scotland is certainly a bit more appreciated.

Coach Steve Clarke’s team has won 3 wins in the last 5 matches, while Israel’s number is only 2. In addition, Scotland also owns a lot of stars playing in Europe’s top big football teams. On the Israeli side, their squad is largely dominated by domestic and Ukraine. So the quality of Scotland’s squad is better and of course, Scotland will be appreciated even if they have to play away.

  • Choose Scotland (HT)
  • Choose Scotland (FT)

European Bet

Israel vs Scotland Prediction

In terms of their performance at the last meeting, Israel was unexpectedly better than Scotland with 2 wins and 2 draws. But this will be difficult to repeat when Scotland has a bunch of talented players since Kenny Dalglish’s time.

Israel vs Scotland prediction: Choose Scotland (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Israel vs Scotland prediction

In fact, the public goods of Scotland and Israel are not appreciated at the moment. In the last 5 matches, Scotland only scored 3 goals and up to 2 matches stunned.

Also in 5 matches with the presence of Scotland, up to 4 matches ended with a minimum score of 1-0. 6 matches in the Nations League 2020, the home team Hampden Park only scored 5 and conceded 4. Indeed, every Scottish match has very few goals.

If in attack, coach Steve Clarke does not have a reliable striker, there are too many quality names below. For example, Tierney (Arsenal), Robertson (Liverpool) at left-back, and McTominay (M.U) in defensive midfield.

Israel vs Scotland prediction:

  • Choose Under 0.75 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2.0 (FT)