Juventus vs Lyon Prediction |2020/08/08| Champion League

The reviews to the football Juventus vs Lyon prediction in Champion League about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

Juventus vs Lyon Prediction


  • Match date: 7 August at 21:00 CET.
  • Event: UEFA Champions League
  • Stage: 1/8 finals


Juventus vs Lyon Prediction


Juventus Performance

  • Statistics of the home team’s recent 10 games, they have 6 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses
  • Considering the performance of the away team, they have 5 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses
  • The home team are unbeaten in the last 4 matches at home
  • Away from home, Lyon is getting 2/5 home wins

Juventus is leading the Series A rankings with 83 points. The difference between the score and the other team is 7 points. Therefore, the confrontation against Lyon will definitely win.

Lyon Performance

On the other side, Lyon is getting a relatively good achievement when it is worth getting 8 points and 2nd in the rankings. With the knockout round of 16 teams knocked out in the C1 Cup. Are the same experts predicting the high probability of winning today for the upper or lower winning high?

Juventus vs Lyon Prediction recommendation:

Asian handicap ratio: 0.79 * 0: 1 * 1.09

Odds of O/U: 0.99 * 2.5-3 * 0.84

European odds: 1.37 * 4.05 * 6.00

O/U Juventus vs Lyon Prediction: 

  • 0.99 * 2.5-3 * 0.84
  • The odds of Juventus vs Lyon O/U are given by the house 2.5-3. This is a relatively high O/U. Accordingly, the door of Over bet on 1 to 0.99, while the Under is 1 to 0.84. This shows that the dealer is evaluating the possibility of a higher Under. This is understandable when Juventus is not a team that plays too explosive. Meanwhile, Lyon will have to play cautiously to try to protect the results in the first leg. According to the match between Juventus and Lyon, should choose Under at the match between Juventus and Lyon.

The best Juventus vs Lyon Prediction:   

  • Under 1 HT
  • Under 3 FT

Asian Handicap Juventus vs Lyon Prediction: 

  • 0.79 * 0:1* 1.09
  • According to Juventus vs Lyon, Juventus is undoubtedly the team that is more appreciated now. Not only is the team having a better quality team, but Juventus also has a home-field advantage. Meanwhile, Lyon still lacks courage in the Champions League. The players of Lyon will play in a condition that is not the best. With home advantage, Juventus is of course the team in the upper door. The Italian team accepts the away team 1. With the handicap is not too high, the house is evaluating the percentage of Juventus winning the bet is quite high. The odds of Juventus winning the bet are 1 to 1 0.79, while Lyon wins the bet to 1 to 1.09.
  • The Asian handicap for this match is 0: 1. Juventus is the team on the top door and accepts Lyon 1 goal. Players who bet on Juventus bet when this team wins by two or more goals. Lyon, meanwhile, bet on just one draw. The odds of Juventus betting on this match is 1 to 0.79. While Lyon bet on this match is 1 to 1.09. Follow the match between Juventus and Lyon, should put the upper door in this match.

Best  Juventus vs Lyon Prediction:

  • Juventus -0.5 HT
  • Juventus -1 FT

1×2 Prediction

  • 1.37 * 4.05 * 6.00
  • Juventus will definitely be more appreciated in the next match. This team also has more bravery in the Champions League arena. The Serie A champion has been to the Champions League many times. Meanwhile, Lyon is only ranked among the best in Europe. The French team doesn’t usually advance deep in the Champions League.
  • In the first match, quite unexpectedly when Juventus lost 0-1 at Lyon. But in the history of confrontation, Juventus completely dominated. Before losing the first leg, Juventus were unbeaten when they met Lyon. Of which, up to 4 victories for the Italian team.
  • The European odds odds for this match are 1.37 * 4.05 * 6.00. Corresponding to the outcome Juventus won, drew and lost. According to experts from Juventus vs Lyon, the chance of winning Juventus is 81%, Lyon is 19%.
  • Juventus to win  FT

Predict the match score

  • Juventus 2-0 Lyon : 47%
  • Juventus 1-0 Lyon : 31%
  • Juventus 2-1 Lyon : 22%