Karlsruher SC vs Darmstadt 98 Prediction – 2. Bundesliga – 07/30

Karlsruher SC vs Darmstadt 98 prediction on July 30, 2021. Karlsruher SC is playing at home in the next round of the 2. Bundesliga 2021/22, their goal will be the 2nd win in a row to rise to the top rankings. That goal is completely achievable when Karlsruher SC welcomes Darmstadt 98.

Karlsruher SC Overview

Karlsruher SC has started 2. Bundesliga 2021/22 in a way that could not be more impressive when defeating Hansa Rostock with a score of 3-1 right away. This is a worthy result of the thorough and thoughtful preparations that Karlsruher SC had before the start of the season. 

Because they gathered nearly a month ago and continuously had useful friendly matches. Karlsruher SC played very well and got the win right away and that was the result of a very thoughtful preparation at the beginning of the season.

Darmstadt 98 Overview

Darmstadt 98 is played at home in the opening match of the 2021/22 season. Even just having to welcome Regensburg makes their expectation of a victory very high. But Darmstadt 98 was a big disappointment when they were defeated with a score of 0-2. Thereby completely empty-handed in terms of points after the first round of the 2021/22 season. Darmstadt 98 has only 1 friendly match before 2. Bundesliga 2021/22 takes place and their lack of form and good ball feeling is completely understandable.


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Asian Bet – Karlsruher SC vs Darmstadt 98 prediction

Karlsruher’s recent form deserves to be trusted, 10 matches won 7 victories, the attack has an efficiency of 2.1 goals per game. On the other side, Darmstadt has only 2 pre-season-friendly matches and the form is also very poor. The 0-2 defeat to Regensburg at home raises questions about the ambition of the team. Especially when Karlsruher is having an impressive home record, it is difficult for Darmstadt to leave empty-handed.

Karlsruher SC vs Darmstadt 98 Prediction: Choose Karlsruher SC -0.25

European Bet

European odds show that the bookie appreciates Karlsruher winning. The overwhelming head-to-head record is in good form, it is difficult for Karlsruher to happen at home. Especially when looking at Darmstadt’s lax defense and poor form.

Choose Karlsruher SC (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Karlsruher SC vs Darmstadt 98 prediction

To lose 0-2 to Regensburg on an opening day, Darmstadt desperately needed a victory to shake the spirit. However, the erratic form and the lack of positive preparation before the season of Lieberknecht’s men are a huge question mark. 

Known for their most devoted play last season, after 34 rounds Darmstadt scored 63 goals but also conceded 55 times, ranked in 7th place. The defense is clearly weak and there are no signs of it improved. It was 16 consecutive matches Darmstadt could not keep a clean sheet. Hoping to be placed in the offensive line in the top 3 scoring the most goals, it is not surprising if Darmstadt remains loyal to his defensive kick.

They all tend to play offensively, but the downline is no longer guaranteed. The double attack is predictable because this is the season both set very high goals. In fact, 2 times met last season, this match resulted in 8 goals.

Karlsruher SC vs Darmstadt 98 Prediction: Choose Over 2.5


Karlsruher SC: Gersbeck, Wanitzek, Jung, Bormuth, Kobald, Heise, Rok Choi, Gondorf, Batmaz, Hofmann, Cueto.

Darmstadt: Behrens, Honsak, Holland, Muller, Sobiech, Bader, Karic, Schnellhardt, Berko, Goller, Tietz.